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Avians are a winged fantasy race in several strategy and role-playing games.


In the online game of Utopia, Avians are a mix of bird and human somewhat resembling angels or harpies (visually), and they have a unique ability to fly. Their natural wilderness lifestyle makes them powerful and quick warriors, but they have few other strengths. In the early Ages of Utopia, Avians have been usually denied an ability to use war horses, but over the time, this rule has been abandoned.


Avians are also a fantasy race in the Maelstrom LARP, which is run in the UK by Profound Decisions. They are, again, a mix of bird and human, bipedal and flightless humanoids with a prominent beak and a feathered face. They are highly cultured. Minimum Phys-rep are a feathered face and a brow. A character may be avian if his or her culture is Alkyon, Free Islands, Merisusi or Rukh.

Avians are winged creatures, and, for the most part,are considered to be a very aesthetically pleasing race. Although they have no other animalistic traits and retain a humanoid's appearance.


The RAMA series (Rendezvous with Rama) by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke had Avians as one of the sentient species transported on the spaceship Rama.

Keisha'ra series

The avians have birds for second forms and their royal line consists of golden-eyed hawks. Their leader is the Tuuli Thea, or queen. Avian culture is uptight and strict, it centers on something called "avian reserve" which is the ability to keep complete control of one's emotions at all times. Avians do not lose their temper and they do not cry, even at funerals.

Dungeons & Dragons

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, creatures exactly known as Avians are not present. But the winged Elves Avariels, as well as Aarakocra and Raptorans, being bird-human hybrids, are very similar in concept.

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