Avedon, Richard

Avedon, Richard

Avedon, Richard, 1923-2004, American photographer, b. New York City. Son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, he studied philosophy at Columbia Univ., served in the photographic section of the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II, and then studied photography at the New School. As a magazine staff photographer for Harper's Bazaar (1945-65) and Vogue (1966-90), Avedon redefined fashion photography as an art form in which realism mixed with fantasy, and he also became known for his arresting celebrity pictures. Although he originally used out-of-door settings with models in motion, his later work, predominantly consisting of studio portraits set against a plain white background, is stark and known for its uncompromising realism. Mainly black-and-white, these powerful images of the famous and the unknown gain impact from the larger-than-life format in which they are often printed. New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited his work in 1978 and 2002, and he had several other museum shows. His books include Nothing Personal (1964), Portraits (1976), In the American West (1985), An Autobiography (1993), and Made in France (2001). Avedon was staff photographer for the New Yorker from 1992 until his death.
Loren A. Avedon (born July 30, 1962 in Los Angeles) is an American martial arts film actor. He has also acted in several popular American TV shows, including Baywatch.


He has over 28 years of martial arts experience and is a 5th Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a 8th dan black belt in Hap Ki Do.

His first acting roles were as a child in TV commercials, mainly for Carnation Milk, The May Company, and other retailers. He also worked as a model, and appeared in a couple of martial arts films, such as Ninja Turf (1985), which were produced by his martial arts instructor Jun Chong.

Avedon got his main break as a martial arts film star, when producer Roy Horan phoned the dojo where Avedon was training, and asked if they had any suitable martial arts practitioners for the lead role in the film, No Retreat No Surrender 2 (1987). Avedon answered the phone, was given an audition, and won the lead role. He then signed a three film deal with Seasonal Films (the company which produced the No retreat No Surrender films). In this three film deal Avedon also played the lead role in the films, No retreat No Surrender 3 and King of the Kickboxers. Since then Avedon has starred in many more martial arts and action films, all of which have been B movies. In an interview Avedon said that he believed he would have had greater success in his film career (similar to the success of Jean-Claude Van Damme) if it had not been for poor representation and disagreements that he had with one or two other actors.(Lorenzo Lamas, Sherie Rose) He was offered a three film deal with film production company PM entertainment, but turned it down (the deal was given to Don 'The Dragon' Wilson) because he was holding out for a better deal. Avedon said that he now regrets turning down this deal.(True: Cannes 1991)

Avedon has also written and produced some of the films that he has starred in, such as, Silent Force (2000) and Deadly Ransom (1997).

He is the nephew of photographer Richard Avedon.


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