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Founded in 1984 in France by Bruno Vanryb and Roger Politis under the name of BVRP, Avanquest Software is a French consumer software developer and publisher, with extended subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Asia.

According to Avanquest Software, the group ranks among the 10 most important consumer software publisher and made its debut on the Paris Stock Exchange (Bourse de Paris) in 1996.

The headquarter of Avanquest Software is based in the Parisian suburb of La Garenne Colombes, France and the group has 600 employees and approximately 180 engineers in Research and Development.

By acquiring in 2007, Nova Development in the US and Emme in Europe, Avanquest Software has doubled its size and was awarded in February 2008 the “Best European Company” prize in the category of Cross-boarder Mergers & Acquisitions.

Today, Avanquest is a well-respected technology and software publishing business that operates worldwide.


  • 1984

BVRP Software is founded by Bruno Vanryb and Roger Politis

  • 1995

Launch of PhoneTools, one of the first PC fax software programs and a worldwide bestseller.

  • 1996

BVRP gets listed on the Stock Market

BVRP USA is founded in Denver, Colorado

  • 1998

Avanquest UK is founded through the acquisition of Kommunicate, a Corporate Solutions and Licensing company, supplying, implementing and supporting IT Solutions

  • 2001

Acquisition of ABsoft, a French software publisher, to bolster the creation of Avanquest France

  • 2002

Acquisition of Elibrium, the San Mateo, CA-based developer of small and medium-sized business and personal productivity titles

  • 2002/2003

R&D Center in Shanghai, China and Avanquest China as a sales office are founded

  • 2003

Launch of Avanquest Deutschland through the acquisition of MediaGold, a major software re-publisher in Germany and in the UK

  • 2004

Launch of Avanquest Iberica through the acquisition of Outsource

  • 2005

BVRP changes names and becomes Avanquest Software

Acquisition of V Communications, Inc. (VCOM), a San Jose, CA-based developer of utilities software for the global PC market

Avanquest Italia is founded

Avanquest BB is founded as a joint venture with SoftBank BB in Tokyo, Japan

  • 2006

Acquisition of IMR UK and FastTrak Ltd. to strengthen Avanquest's position in the UK

  • 2007

Acquisition of Nova Development in the USA and of Emme in Europe

Main products

  • Avanquest Connection Manager
  • SendPhotos
  • Mobile PhoneTools
  • Fix-It Utilities Pro
  • WebEasy Pro
  • AutoSave Essentials
  • Greeting Card Factory
  • Power Desk
  • Print Artist
  • System Suite Pro

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