Autpert, Ambrose

Autpert Ambrose

Autpert Ambrose (Ambroise) (ca. 730 - 784) (Ambrosius Autpertus), was a Frankish Benedictine monk.

He became abbot of San Vicenzo on the Volturno in South Italy in the time of Desiderius, king of the Lombards. Autpert's election as abbot caused internal dissent at St. Vicenzo, and both Pope Stephen III and Charlemagne intervened. The disagreement was based both on objections to Autpert's personality and to his Frankish origin.

He wrote a considerable number of works on the Bible and religious subjects generally. Among these are commentaries on the Apocalypse, on the Psalms, and on the Song of Solomon; Lives of Saints Paldo, Tuto and Vaso; Assumption of the Virgin; and a Combat between the Virtues and the Vices.

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