Autobody was a Brooklyn, New York based indie rock band. They released three albums on the Silly Bird label, as well as various other tapes and 7" records.

Critical Acclaim

WFMU's Scott Williams has described them as an "avant-garde supergroup".


  • Black Angus (1997)
  • Vanilla Impressions (1997)
  • Underworld d-Tales, Vol. 4 (1998)
  • Autobody (1999)
  • Autobody EP (2001)
  • Xelp (?)
  • Black Angus Vol. II (?)


  • David Abel — bass, guitar, vocals
  • Jim Abramson — guitar, bass, vocals
  • Sheila Bosco — drums, vocals
  • Eric Marc Cohen — drums, bass

All hail from (or subsequently joined) other arty post-rock/freeform acts like Caroliner, Dymaxion, Fly Ashtray, Job's Daughters, Wharton Tiers Ensemble, Flaming Fire, The Aerosols, Bare Flames, and Drumhead.


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