Aumühle is a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, about 21 km east of Hamburg.


Aumühle lies at the river Bille in the Sachsenwald, the largest forest in Schleswig-Holstein.


In 1350 Aumühle was first recorded as "Au-Mühle" (Mill on the black Au).

In 1871 Kaiser Wilhelm I of Germany gave the Sachsenwald to Otto von Bismarck in recognition of his services to Germany.

In 1884 a train stop "Aumühle" on the railroad Hamburg-Berlin was created, the construction of a train station started in 1909. Neighboring Friedrichsruh already had a train station in 1850, which was commonly used by Otto von Bismarck.

Karl Dönitz, a convicted war criminal, moved to Aumühle after his release from Spandau Prison in 1956. He remained there until his death.

Twin towns

Aumühle is twinned with:

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