August Burns Red

August Burns Red

August Burns Red is a metalcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The band formed in March 2003 while some of the members were still in high school, and soon began playing shows around Lancaster. The band name is derived from an incident regarding the relationship breakdown of a former member and his girlfriend. The band cites Between the Buried and Me, Misery Signals and Hopesfall as their main influences.


In 2004, the band was signed to CI Records and released an EP called Looks Fragile After All. After about another year of playing shows,and a change in vocalist the band was signed to Solid State Records in 2005 and released Thrill Seeker on November 8 of that year.In 2006 drummer Matt Greiner was endorsed by Truth Custon Drums.

Their latest album, Messengers, was released on June 19, 2007. It has sold over 45,000 copies thus far, and has peaked at #81 on the Billboard 200.

From April to May 2008, August Burns Red toured with As I Lay Dying and Misery Signals.

The next tour they have scheduled will take place from August 29 to October 12, 2008. They will be joined by A Skylit Drive, Sky Eats Airplane, Greeley Estates, and This or the Apocalypse. August Burns Red will be headlining this tour.

The band will also visit the UK for for 6 days on a headlining tour in Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, London, and Newport in November 2008.

After touring Europe the band is going to go back to studio to record their third studio album, which is due to release by the spring or summer of 2009.

Christian faith

Although August Burns Red's music is often defined as Christian metalcore, JB Brubaker mentioned in an interview with Shout!, an online magazine, that "Christian is a religion and not a style of music," and he would "rather just let the music speak for itself." However, Brent Rambler commented on the fact that "It is important to us that people know that we are indeed Christians...without having us stand up there and ram it down peoples throats."

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