Au Go Go

Pogo Au Go-Go

Pogo Au Go-Go was the first full-length album by Bickley, released in 1996 through PaperDoll Records, and then re-released in 1998 by Fearless Records. This album gained Bickley some level of notoriety among punk rock fans, and established them as a regional success.

Track listing

  1. "Call Girl"
  2. "Johnny Dynomite"
  3. "Silly Monkey"
  4. "Communication"
  5. "Bad Car"
  6. "Down The Hatch"
  7. "Sally"
  8. "This Song Sucks"
  9. "Human Habitrail"
  10. "Mission & Vallejo"
  11. "Box Car"
  12. "Arkansas Death Ride"
  13. "Piss Fetish"
  14. "Teen Porno Star"
  15. "Sniffy The Clown"
  16. "Pink Power Ranger"


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