AttenCHUN! is the first full-length album by the rapper Bone Crusher, and was released on June 17, 2003. The album's lead single "Never Scared" was featured on BET, Madden 2004, and other television stations, and is believed to have significantly helped sales of the album.

Track listing

  1. "Lock & Load"
  2. "Never Scared" (Intro) (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
  3. "Never Scared" (featuring Killer Mike & T.I.)
  4. "Back Up" (featuring Dru)
  5. "Grippin' The Grain" (featuring Lady Ice & Marcus)
  6. "Transaction [Interlude]" (featuring Young (Shawty) Hughley)
  7. "Puttin' In Work" (featuring David Banner & Lady Ice)
  8. "Break 'Em Off For Life [Interlude]" (featuring Hezo, Dano, Jack Frost, Rico Love)
  9. "Gettin' It (Get Dat Money)" (featuring Jack Frost)
  10. "It's Me (Lane To Lane)" (featuring Lil' Jon and Chyna Whyte)
  11. "For The Streets"
  12. "Sound The Horn" (featuring Bizar)
  13. "Hate Ourselves" (featuring Goodie Mob)
  14. "Vainglorious [Interlude]"
  15. "Ghetto Song" (featuring Lil' Pete)
  16. "Peaches & Cream"
  17. "The Wall" (featuring Chris Hardnett & Baby B.)

Bonus Track listing

  1. "Never Scared" - The Takeover Remix (featuring Cam'ron, Jadakiss, & Busta Rhymes)
  2. "Never Scared" - Football Remix

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