Atta Mills, John Evans

Atta Mills, John Evans

Atta Mills, John Evans, 1944-, Ghanaian lawyer, government official, and politician, president of Ghana (2009-); studied Univ. of Ghana (grad. 1967), London School of Economics (LL.M., 1968), School of Oriental and African Studies, London (Ph.D., 1971), Stanford Law School (Fulbright Scholar, 1971, Ph.D.). He taught law at the Univ. of Ghana (1971-91) and was Ghana's tax commissioner (1986-96); he also wrote several books on economic and tax matters. A member of the National Democratic Congress, he was selected as Jerry Rawlings's running mate before the 1996 presidential elections and became Ghana's vice president. The president's chosen successor, Atta Mills ran for president in 2000 and 2004, but lost both times to John Kufuor. He won the presidency in 2008 after defeating Nana Akufo-Addo in a runoff.

T.B. Joshua (Temitope Balogun Joshua) born June 12, 1963 in Arigidi, Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, is a Nigerian pastor and founder of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria. He is also the founder of Emmanuel TV, a Christian television station broadcasting across Africa, Europe and America and on the web via Streaming Faith . T.B. Joshua and his wife, Evelyn, have 4 children.

Early life

From the beginning of his life, controversies have surrounded T.B. Joshua. The pregnancy period of his mother was by no means ordinary, as he allegedly remained in her womb for 15 months before he was born. Significantly, almost a hundred years prior to his birth, it had been prophesied that a young man would emerge from the poor Oosin quarters in Ondo State, Nigeria (where T.B. Joshua was later born) and that God would use him mightily. Another remarkable event occurred when he was just days old, as a large boulder crashed through the roof of his house, missing him by mere inches. This incident led to his mother naming him, ‘Temitope’, meaning, ‘What God has done for me is worthy of thanks’.


He attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School , Imo, Agbaluku, Arigidi, Ikare-Akoko from 1971 to 1977 – but was unable to complete his secondary school education. In school, he was known as ‘small pastor’ because of his love for the Bible and ability to predict things to come in his community.

Calling To Ministry

In 1987, T.B. Joshua visited a ‘prayer mountain’ to seek the face of God. There, he fasted and prayed for 40 days and 40 nights. He wrote that in a heavenly vision, he had received divine anointing and a covenant from God to start his ministry. In his own words, he said concerning the life-changing experience:

“… I saw a hand that pointed a Bible to my heart. The Bible entered my heart and my former heart seemed to immerse with the Bible immediately… I heard a voice saying, ‘I am your God. I am giving you a divine commission to go and carry out the work of the Heavenly Father… I would show you the wonderful ways I would reveal myself through you in teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and wonders for the salvation of souls…’ ”


Upon returning from the mountain, he started a church with just a handful of members, naming it, ‘The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations’ – a name he says God divinely revealed to him. Since then, the church has grown far beyond the shores of Nigeria. 10,000+ members attend the weekly Sunday service as well as visitors from the four corners of the world who are accommodated in the church facilities .

From the very first service held in 1987 to the present day, the church is contended because of reports about miraculous signs and wonders that occur every week. Numerous videos have been produced which are to document the healing of incurable sicknesses such as HIV/ AIDS, cancer and paralysis, showing people’s conditions before, during and after prayer from T.B. Joshua .

The church currently has branches in Ghana, United Kingdom, Austria and Greece.

Numerous evangelists in training from around the world – UK, USA, South Africa, Ghana, Austria, Greece, Indonesia, France, South Korea, Mexico, Bulgaria, Albania, Cameroon, Botswana, Liberia, Senegal, Martinique, Jamaica, etc. are mentored by T.B. Joshua in Lagos, Nigeria at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations headquarters.


Instantaneous baby deliveries, healing of terrible cancerous sores and raising from the dead are among the reported miraculous activities taking place at The SCOAN. Recently, it was reported that a man mentally ill for 14 years was restored to sanity and reunited with his family at The SCOAN .

Many who have come to the church claiming to be possessed by evil spirits are said to be delivered following prayer from TB Joshua.


Prophet T.B. Joshua has prophesied numerous events of international importance . These include:

TB Joshua also prophesies regularly into the lives of individuals who attend his church services.

Notable Visitors

The Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu (whose daughter was allegedly healed of epilepsy at the church ), President Omar Bongo of Gabon, Former President Frederick Chiluba of Zambia and former Vice President of Ghana and current presidential candidate of the NDC, Professor John Evans Atta Mills are among the many notable visitors who have visited The SCOAN in Lagos.

South African Rugby star Jaco Van Der Westhuyzen is also said to have received healing through prayer from T.B. Joshua .

Charity Works

‘Another Ministry’ is the humanitarian arm of The SCOAN, with projects catering for the needs of widows, dwarves , elderly, physically challenged, orphans and the destitute. The church provides accommodation, food and a sense of belonging to the lonely and lowly in society, as well as scholarships to orphans and children of the less privileged, with educational support promised from primary to tertiary levels. There is also a rehabilitation programme for armed robbers and prostitutes , desirous to turn from their former ways. During his 45th birthday on June 12 2008, TB Joshua also gave generously to the less privileged.

Skills development is a major concern of the ministry, where many young people and unemployed are taught vocational skills in the church premises. These include carpentry, baking, artistry, metal-working, construction and tailoring, to name but a few.

Charitable works have been part of TB Joshua's ministry from the very onset. Patrick Eneh, President General of Achilles Nigeria, testified, "I have known him since 1991 and since then he has been helping the disabled with the little he has... If few Nigerians could just be like him, Nigerian roads would be rid of beggars on the street."

T.B. Joshua is also a mentor to numerous church leaders .


T.B. Joshua was instrumental in reconciling the families of the late Samuel Doe of Liberia and the man who was accused of assassinating him, Prince Yormie Johnson. Prior to the reconciliation, the two families were sworn enemies. The Nigerian press have reported other cases of families being reconciled by T.B. Joshua after years of separation.

TB Joshua is a strong advocate of families, and has recently embarked on numerous activities to reunite families who have long been separated due to false accusations of witchcraft within the home, a practice common in certain parts of Africa.

Emmanuel TV

Emmanuel TV is the television station of The SCOAN and runs 24/ 7. Every Sunday service is broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and its unique programmes are attracting a growing viewership across Africa and America.

T.B. Joshua’s programmes also air 5 days a week on TBN Africa , as well as weekly on a number of Nigerian television stations.


Some have criticised T.B. Joshua, due to the large amount of miracles that reportedly take place in his meetings. The Pentecostal Felloship of Nigeria (PFN), umbrella association of nigerian Pentecostal Churches refused admission to the Synagogue Church denouncing T. B. Joshua as an impostor. Chris Okotie Pastor and popular televangelist in Nigeria accuses Joshua of "shamanist practices". Christian critics often refer to T.B. Joshua's unorthodox methods being not confirmed in the Bible. T.B. Joshua however is quoted as saying the following: 'When people persecute, accuse and vilify me in spite of all I do, I do not despair. I only remember Christ's rejection. People always fight what they do not understand.'


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