Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a product of AtomPark Software. The first version was published in 2001. It is a group mail sending software for Microsoft Windows.

How it works

Atomic Mail Sender works like an ordinary e-mail client, but with group mail sending, personalization and tracking features.

The process of creating and sending e-mail campaign usually consists of such steps:

  • After running a program you compose a message (it can be created in the program using built-in HTML Editor or imported from another file).
  • Load a mailing list
  • Swith newsletter tracking ON, if it's needed to see the future of sent e-mail campaign
  • Send newsletter to all loaded e-mail addresses (or schedule to send it later)

After that, the project and mailing list can be saved and reopened later.


Atomic Mail Sender comes with the following features:

  • unlimited number of mailing lists and messages
  • support of all SMTP servers types
  • internal WYSIWYG HTML Edtior
  • built-in Unsubscriber
  • database support
  • newsletter tracking facility

Version history

Current version is 4.14 (published in August 2007).

Version 4.00 was a great improvement and developers added such important features as Unicode support, that made available to compose newsletters in any languages; Windows Vista support; MD5 authentication support for SMTP servers.

Main reason to issue a version 3.00 was HTML e-mail support; loading mailing lists from databases and Microsoft Office applications, adding a Scheduler and newsletter tracking facility.

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