Ateed is a German singer born to a Greek Turkish mother and Iranian father. She has only recorded songs in English and is probably best known for singing the songs "Come to Me" and "I Want It All" on the Pringles advertisements.



Track listing

  • 01. "One Day"
  • 02. "I Want It All"
  • 03. "Come To Me"
  • 04. "Sorry"
  • 05. "The System"
  • 06. "Too Bad"
  • 07. "I Can't Believe It"
  • 08. "She Lost Her Smile"
  • 09. "Thank You"
  • 10. "Spit Out"
  • 11. "Fades Away"
  • 12. "When Will I See"
  • 13. "On My Way"
  • 14. "I Just Wanna Know"

All tracks written and composed by Ateed and Geoman, except #4 by K. Rethwisch, Ch. Langton, M. Weber, and A. Petrow, #7 by Ateed, Geoman, Eran Tabib, and Gabriel Dorman, and #13 by Ateed, Geoman, and Jade Villalon.

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