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Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio, commonly known as just Atalanta, Atalanta Bergamo or the abbreviation Atalanta BC, is an Italian football club based in Bergamo, Lombardy. They are nicknamed the Nerazzurri and the orobici. Atalanta play in blue-and-black vertically striped shirts, black shorts and black socks.

The club stadium is the 26,638 seater Atleti Azzurri d'Italia. In Italy, Atalanta is sometimes called Regina delle provinciali (queen of the provincial clubs) to mark the fact that the club is historically one of the best among non-metropolitan ones.


The club was founded in 1907. A football club had existed in Bergamo since 1904. Founded by Swiss wealthy immigrants, it was known as FC Bergamo. The rival Atalanta club grew out of a division between different sporting societies in the town. The name is taken from the female athlete of Greek mythology. The FIGC was unimpressed with the new club and did not officially recognize them until 1914. The current club is the result of a merger between Atalanta and a third team called Bergamasca. The first, black and white coloured and the second wearing a blue and white shirt, merged in 1924 as Atalanta Bergamasca di Ginnastica e Scherma 1907. The team moved to the site of the current ground, on the Viale Giulio Cesare, in 1928.

Atalanta joined the Italian league in 1929. The club first reached Serie A in 1937, but was relegated immediately. The club returned in 1940 and remained in A until 1959; after a single season in Serie B the club was promoted and lasted a further decade in A, before relegation in 1973 led to an uncertain period of promotion and relegation between the two levels.

The club achieved its highest position in 1948, finishing in 5th place. In 1981 the club fell into Serie C1, a blow which revitalised the club. The team returned to B the next season and made it back to A in 1985. The club's form in Serie A remains uncertain, as it was relegated in 1988, 1995, 1998 and 2005.

In terms of titles the club has won little, their sole silverware is the 1963 Coppa Italia. The club has had very few good runs in Europe, the best spell ending in a Cup Winners' Cup semi-final in 1988; in 1991 Atalanta reached UEFA Cup quarter-finals.

The club has had very few famous players. However, Atalanta has been proven to run a successful youth system, producing footballers like Roberto Donadoni (Italy national team coach from July 2006), Alessio Tacchinardi, Domenico Morfeo, Giampaolo Pazzini, Riccardo Montolivo, Ivan Pelizzoli, and Samuele Dalla Bona who have quickly been grabbed by the bigger clubs. Other players who have graced the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia include Claudio Caniggia, Glenn Strömberg, Alemao, Paolo Montero, Christian Vieri, Filippo Inzaghi, Gianluigi Lentini, Cristiano Lucarelli, Cristiano Doni, and, in the past, Stefano Angeleri, Adriano Bassetto, Antonio Cabrini, Angelo Domenghini, Humberto Maschio, Mario Mereghetti, Giuseppe Savoldi, and Gaetano Scirea

Current squad

As of September 15, 2008

Confirmed transfers

Out on loan

Noted players

Ordered by first season played for Atalanta

Presidential history

Atalanta have had several presidents over the course of their history, some of which have been the owners of the club, others have been honorary presidents, here is a list of them. The current president Ivan Ruggeri is now in hospital after that he suffered a Stroke in January 2008, his daughter Francesca has been named vice-president in order to fill the vacancy in the managerial post. In September 2008 Ivan's son Alessandro was named president of Atalanta replacing his father that is unable to manage the team due the conseguences of the stroke.

Name Years
Enrico Luchsinger 1920–1921
Antonio Gambirasi 1926–1928
Pietro Capoferri 1928–1930
Antonio Pesenti 1930–1932
Emilio Santi 1932–1935
Lamberto Sala 1935–1938
Nardo Bertoncini 1938–1944
Guerino Oprandi 1944–1945
Daniele Turani 1945–1964
Name Years
Attilio Vicentini 1964–1969
Mino Baracchi 1969–1970
Achille Bortolotti 1970–1974
Enzo Sensi 1974–1975
Achille Bortolotti 1975–1980
Cesare Bortolotti 1980–1990
Achille Bortolotti 1990
Antonio Percassi 1990–1994
Ivan Ruggeri 1994–2008
Alessandro Ruggeri 2008-present

Managerial history

Atalanta have had many managers and head coaches throughout their history, below is a cronological list of them from when Serie A was changed into a league format, from 1929–30 onwards.
Name Nationality Years
Luigi Cevenini 1929–1930
József Viola 1930–1933
Eugen Payer 1933
Angelo Mattea 1933–1935
Eugen Payer 1935–1936
Ottavio Barbieri 1936–1938
Geza Kertész 1938–1939
Ivo Fiorentini 1939–1941
János Nehadoma 1941–1946
Giuseppe Meazza 1946
Luis Monti 1946
Ivo Fiorentini 1946–1949
Alberto Citterio
Carlo Carcano

Giovanni Varglien 1949–1951
Neville 1951–1952
Carlo Ceresoli 1952
Luigi Ferrero 1952–1954
Francesco Simonetti
Luigi Tentorio

Luigi Bonizzoni 1954–1957
Carlo Rigotti 1957–1958
Giuseppe Bonomi 1958
Karl Adamek 1958–1959
Ferruccio Valcareggi 1959–1962
Paolo Tabanelli 1962–1963
Carlo Alberto Quario 1963–1964
Carlo Ceresoli 1964
Ettore Puricelli 1965–1966
Stefano Angeleri 1966–1967
Paolo Tabanelli 1967–1968
Stefano Angeleri 1968–1969
Name Nationality Years
Silvano Moro 1969
Carlo Ceresoli 1969
Corrado Viciani 1969–1970
Renato Gei 1970
Battista Rota 1970
Giulio Corsini 1970–1974
Heriberto Herrera 1974–1975
Angelo Piccioli 1975
Giancarlo Cadè 1975–1976
Gianfranco Leoncini 1976
Battista Rota 1976–1980
Bruno Bolchi 1980–1981
Giulio Corsini 1981
Ottavio Bianchi 1981–1983
Nedo Sonetti 1983–1987
Emiliano Mondonico 1987–1990
Pierluigi Frosio 1990–1991
Bruno Giorgi 1991–1992
Marcello Lippi 1992–1993
Francesco Guidolin 1993
Andrea Valdinoci
Cesare Prandelli
Emiliano Mondonico 1994–1998
Bortolo Mutti 1998–1999
Giovanni Vavassori 1999–2003
Giancarlo Finardi 2003
Andrea Mandorlini 2003–2005
Delio Rossi 2005
Stefano Colantuono 2005–2007
Luigi Del Neri 2007–present



Atalanta's supporters are considered very loyal. When Atalanta plays at the Atleti Azzurri d'Italia, the supporters in the Curva Nord (North Curve) encourage the team with their chants during the entire match.

The biggest rivalry is with the neighbouring supporters of Brescia, and there are strong rivalries also with supporters of Verona, Genoa, Fiorentina, Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Milan, Inter, Torino; while there has been a long-standing friendship with Ternana, fans of the German Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt and fans of the Austrian club Wacker Innsbruck.

On special occasions Atalanta supporters display a very large black and blue flag called Bandierone which covers the whole Curva Nord stand.


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