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@Mail is a commercial webmail, mail-server and groupware solution designed by Calacode, located in Sydney, Australia. The software is designed for Unix and Linux systems as an alternative to Microsoft solutions. @Mail supports over 13 million active users. The software includes the source-code under a commercial license.

Main features

The software supports three main functions:

@Mail Server - leverages existing open source projects such as Courier-IMAP, Exim and MySQL to provide a complete mail-server solution with the base design for ease of management via a Webadmin control panel.

@Mail WebMail - utilizes the latest in Ajax and XUL technology to provide a Webmail alternative to traditional desktop email-clients.

@Mail Groupware - provides a groupware server for users to share Calendar, Task and Contacts via Outlook clients and a Web-interface. A MAPI Sync Utility is available for Microsoft Outlook, allowing clients to sync address-book, calendar & task data from the @Mail server. This creates an alternative to Exchange under a Linux platform.


Originally developed in the Summer of 1998, @Mail was one of the first commercial WebMail products available. The software is referred to as @Mail or Atmail, which has undergone four major revisions since the initial version. Calacode, the company that develops the software has offices based in Sydney, Australia and Idaho USA. The software was originally developed in Perl and has adopted PHP as the main programming language.

As of 19th May 2008 a free version of the @Mail webmail client was made available. Named AtMail Open it is a lightweight version of the commercial application and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license.


The @Mail WebMail interface takes advantage of the latest in Ajax advancements to create an alternative to traditional desktop-mail clients. Mozilla XUL features are also included to support the latest user-interface features of Mozilla Firefox

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