Astra C

Astra C

The Astra C was a French aircraft of 1912. In many ways, it resembled a biplane version of the Antoinette designs of the previous decade, with a wooden fuselage of triangular cross-section, and a cruciform tail. It was produced in both civil (C) and military (CM) versions, both as a landplane and seaplane. While the civil version was a single-seater, the CM could carry two observers. At least one of the latter was used as a civil transport with the earliest French airline, Compagnie Générale Transaérienne, able to carry two passengers on regular services linking Nice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo.


Astra C
Civil version.Astra CM
Military version.Astra CM Hydro-avon
Floatplane version of the Astra CM.

Specifications (CM)


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