Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood

Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood

The Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood (ADPL) is a pro-democracy political party in the Hong Kong. It was established in October 26 1986. The party is currently led by its Chairman, Mr. Liu Sung lee.


The ADPL was one of the three major pro-democracy groups in the 1980s. It catered for grassroot interests. In 1990, some members of the ADPL (such as Lee Wing Tat and Albert Chan) joined the United Democrats of Hong Kong (which later becomes the Democratic Party).

The ADPL won 1 seat in the 1991 election of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (LegCo). In the 1995 election, the party won 4 seats. At the time, due to the close match between pro-Beijing and pro-democracy camps in the LegCo, the stance of the moderate ADPL was influential and often pivotal in controversial issues.

On the issue of the establishment of the Provisional Legislative Council, the ADPL, after an initial opposing stance, switched side and agreed to join the interim body. This led to a split of the group, with a number of members forming a group called the Social Democratic Front. ADPL became the only pro-democracy group in the legislature immediately after the establishment of the HKSAR, keeping 4 members in the interim body. ADPL members also served in the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the HKSAR.

ADPL lost all its seats in the 1998 LegCo election. In 2000, it gained back one directly elected seat in the LegCo when member Frederick Fung was elected.

At the district level, ADPL traditionally enjoyed a strong support in the Sham Shui Po District, with another base in Tuen Mun District, and numerous seats at other district councils. However the party is unable to gain more seats from this second base.


Within the pro-democracy camp, ADPL usually known as more moderate. It emphasized more on livelihood issues, and supported an increase in profits and salary taxes (which would have little impact on the grassroot level) while opposing sales tax. The group also called for an increase in education and grassroot medical expenses.

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