Assiniboine River

Assiniboine River

The Assiniboine River is a long river that runs through the prairies of Western Canada in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

It is a typical meandering river with a single main channel embanked within a flat, shallow valley at some places, and a steep valley at other places.

The river takes its name from the Assiniboine First Nation.


It rises near the community of Preeceville in eastern Saskatchewan and then southeastward to "The Forks" in Winnipeg, Manitoba where it flows into the Red River. Some of flood flows can be diverted into Lake Manitoba at Portage la Prairie. In 1967, the Shellmouth Dam was built in Shellmouth to help reduce flood peaks and to supplement flows during dry periods. The Portage Diversion was completed in 1970. There are three hydrometric stations placed on the river that have been taking measurements since 1913. Today, Assiniboine Herald at the Canadian Heraldic Authority is named after the river.

Tributaries include the Souris River which joins it near Wawanesa, the Birdtail River which joins at the Birdtail Sioux First Nation, the Little Saskatchewan which joins west of Brandon and the Qu'Appelle River which joins near the site of historic Fort Ellice.

Flow rates

The Assiniboine river has an average discharge of 45m³/s

The following discharge rates were recorded during the 1995 flood:

Location Peak flow, 1995
Mean flow, April '95
Mean flow, May '95
Max flow, date
Russell 360
May 04
34.2 46.3 504
April 29, 1922
Brandon 566
April 26
81.1 104.0 651
May 07, 1923
Headingley 300
April 20
115.0 142.0 614
April 27, 1916

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