Asesinato en el Comite Central

Asesinato en el Comité Central

Asesinato en el Comité Cental (English: Murder in the Central Committee) is a 1982 Spanish Film directed by Vicente Aranda. It stars Patxi Andión and Victoria Abril. The film was based on a novel by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. It is a thriller with ironic political overtones.


When the lights go off at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, no one suspects anything more than the usual power outage -- until the Secretary General, Santiago Carrillo, ends up murdered in that short span of time. The Party calls in a private investigator, and the government asks a rabid anti-communist to find out who committed this crime. From that point onward, the KGB and the CIA are somehow involved, and the climate degenerates into one of torture and sex. As the private investigator bumbles his way from one predicament to the other, the solution to the crime seems in no danger of immediate discovery


  • Patxi Andión ... Pepe Carvalho
  • Victoria Abril ... Carmela
  • Conrado San Martín ... Santos
  • Jose Vivo ...Fonseca
  • Jose Carlos Plaza... Perez Montesa
  • Jose Cerro ... Esparza Julve


  • Colmena, Enrique: Vicente Aranda, Cátedra, Madrid, 1986, ISBN 84-376-1431-7

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