Asala may refer to:

  • Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla organization.
  • Asalah Nasri a Syrian singer.
  • Jason Asala an independent author/illustrator.
  • Asala a Buddhist festival commemorating three events in the Buddhas life
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    'Asala' on Sri Lankan context...
    Asala is the seventh month in the Sinhala calendar which is called Asala Masaya. Asala Poya is the full moon day in the month of Asala.

    Asala Perahara is a religious procession conducted in the month of Asala. Asala Perahara holds in Kandy every year is a magnificient and a gigantic event admired by millions of local and overseas visitors.

    Asala Festival is the celebrations associated with the Asala Perahara.

    Asala Mal are the bunches of yellowy flowers which bloom in the month of Asala.

    There are other variations in writing this Sinhala word using Roman characters, viz. Esala, Esela and Aesala.

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