Artimation is an annual festival held by the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg college, held in Barrington, Illinois.



Each year after many submissions to the festival by the students of the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg. It was originally held with the Chicago-branch of the Art Institute. The success of the festival elevated the Schaumburg branch, which now runs independently. The first Artimation debuted in 1999. The selected works are then displayed and shown at the AMC Theatre in Barrington. The first Artimation festival was held in 1999. The festival is open to the public and hundreds of people every year come to see it.


The judges (brought in from many companies in related fields to the categories of the contest such as Cartoon Network, High Voltage, Digital Domain, The Simpsons etc.) select winners and a handful of honorable mentions to be displayed at the festival.


It displays the best work of their students from that year in the fields of: animation, video, motion graphics, video game environments, and web design. The Video and Animation categories, have their own theater and play simultaneously, 3 times each. Web Design and Game Environments are held in the staging area outside the theaters.

  • Animation: Artimation was created to showcase the animation department of the school, which is widely recognized for its animation program. The categories are open to everyone, but mostly students in Game Arts & Design and Media Arts & Animation enter, as it's their area of expertise. There are several subcategories: 2D motion studies, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, and Team Animation (3D or 2D, most team work is 3D).
  • Video: Video is mostly composed of various short films, motion graphics, and VFX related material. This category is designed to show case Digital Media Production and Visual Effects.
  • Game Level Design: Showcasing various game level designs done by students in Game Arts & Design, mostly composed of levels created using 3DS Max.
  • Website Design: Interactive Media Design is highlighted with flash-based websites.


There's several awards for each category. Usually, several scholarships are awarded and the Adobe Creative Suite has been given the last several years.

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