Artik (Armenian: Արթիկ, also Romanized as Art’ik) is a city located in the Shirak (marz) province of Armenia. It has a population of 14,949 people, down from the 25,100 reported in the 1989 census. Artik has many monuments and churches. At the square there is a World War II monument. Some of the churches are Marine Church build in the 5th century and St. Gevorg church build in the 7th century, which was turned into a storehouse under the Soviets. The first attempt to restore it was made in early 90's. Both churches are ruined, with restoration interrupted by the collapse of the USSR. On January 6, 2006 a fund-raising campaign was announced in the city of Artik to reconstruct St. Gevorg church. There is also an 18th century church in a cave and a well-preserved Saint Stepanos of Lmbatavank church build in the 7th century it stands on a hillside. Saint Stepanos of Lmbatavank church was reconstructed in 1955-1956. During 1960 excavations, a Bronze-Aged cemetery was discovered under the stones.



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