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Art Paul Schlosser

Art Paul Schlosser (born in Chicago January 4, 1960) grew up listening to novelty music like Allen Sherman and Tiny Tim as well as funny songs by The Beatles and The Monkees. When Art was 11, he, his Mother, and his Sisters moved to Madison,Wisconsin after his parents got a divorce. As a kid in Madison, his mother continued to play weird and funny songs for him and even mixed things up by playing strange sound effects on one recorded player while playing novelty songs to go with the strange sound effects. As a teenager, Art Paul joined a work experience play group that encouraged Art to be creative. In the Work experience play group, Art met several fans of The Beatles, one of whom encouraged Art Paul to write lyrics. It was from that time on that Art started to write. Art would listen to the Dr Demento radio show as well as other strange records that he discovered at the local library, and then try to write some lyrics he was inspired to write after listening to the songs. Eventually Art Paul discovered that it was legal to busk on State Street, and on a warm day late in February 1986 Art Paul tried it out and received a couple of dollars for his effort. Since then Art Paul has been a street musician and busker as well as an outsider artist on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin since 1986. He is best known for his funny music especially "Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich", which made the Funny Five of the Dr Demento radio show four times in 2001and Vote for Me/It's a Joke which was on the Funny Five of the Dr Demento radio one time in 2003.

He usually performs his original songs or parodys on an acoustic guitar and kazoo. He also sometimes plays electronic keyboard or ukulele. He sings mostly humorous songs, but has also written on the topics of politics and religion. His music has been played on oddball radio programs, including Greasy Kid Stuff,The Mad Music Hour,Dave's Gone By and the Dr. Demento Show, and he has appeared on his own public-access television showas well as WGN-TV news.


  • My Cat Was Taking A Bath & Dead Skunk Perfume plus 23 other songs (1992)
  • All the songs from Happy Birthday & Smile Be Happy (1993)
  • I Want To Be Madonna ? & Greene plus 41 other songs and jokes (1994)
  • I'm A Prince By The Artist Still Known as Art Paul Schlosser (1996)
  • Be My Valentine (1997)
  • Reinventing Myself (2000)
  • They Won't Play This On The Country Western Radio (2001)
  • Smile You're On Kandid Kamera (2002)
  • The Best of Art Paul Schlosser (2003)
  • Art Paul Schlosser Live at the Hog (2003)
  • Vote for Me/It's a Joke (2003)
  • Art Paul Schlosser & Friends Live at Club De Wash plus the 3 songs at Bob's Apartment Experiment (2003)
  • Do You Want To Walk On Water (2003)
  • Words of Cheese & Other Parrot Tree (2003)
  • The ABCs of Art Paul Schlosser's World (2003)
  • Art Paul Schlosser {The Tribute!} by various artist(2006)
  • Warning: Listening To This CD could be dangerous to your health (2007)
  • It Takes A Whole World by Art Paul Schlosser & Jim Anderson(2007)
  • Untitled I & II(2007)
  • The Best of Art Paul Schlosser{The Sequel}(2007)
  • Scum Always Rises at the Top(2007)
  • Songs I forgot that the Elephant Remembered(2007)
  • Art Paul Schlosser & Robin Good Our Tribute To Shari Elf
  • Art Paul Schlosser living in a Materialistic World
  • Songs I Recorded On The Telephone (2008)
  • February Album Writing Month (2008)
  • Art Paul Schlosser {The Remix} by various artists (2008)


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