Arnaud, Henri, 1641-1721, pastor and leader of the Waldenses. When Victor Amadeus II, duke of Savoy, in league with the French, set out to expel the Waldenses, Arnaud led (1686) a band of the Waldenses into Switzerland. In 1689 he led some of them back to their Piedmont valleys, where they withstood a combined French-Savoyard attack. In 1690, Victor Amadeus turned against the French, and Arnaud gained the favor of the duke and acted as his agent while the Waldenses fought on the side of the Savoyards and were repatriated. A new political turn sent Arnaud into exile again, and after 1699 he lived in Württemberg. He wrote an account of the return of the Waldenses, Histoire de la glorieuse rentrée des vaudois dans leurs vallées (1710, tr. 1827).
Arnaud-Michel d'Abbadie (24 July, 1815 - 8 November 1893) was a French geographer, and along with his older brother Antoine-Thomson d'Abbadie, was notable for his travels in Ethiopia.

They were both born in Dublin, of a French father and an Irish mother. The parents removed to France in 1818, and there the brothers received a careful scientific education.

The younger Abbadie spent some time in Algeria before, in 1837, the two brothers started for Ethiopia, landing at Massawa in February 1838. They visited various parts of Ethiopia, including the then little-known districts of Ennarea and Kaffa, sometimes together and sometimes separately. They met with many difficulties and many adventures, and became involved in political intrigues, Antoine especially exercising such influence as he possessed in favor of France and the Roman Catholic missionaries. After collecting much valuable information concerning the geography, geology, archaeology and natural history of Ethiopia, the brothers returned to France in 1848 and began to prepare their materials for publication.

Arnaud paid another visit to Ethiopia in 1853.

The general account of the travels of the two brothers was published by Arnaud in 1868 under the title of Douze ans dans la Haute-Ethiopie.

Both brothers received the grand medal of the Paris Geographical Society in 1850.


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