Armeo is a fictional character in Encantadia, a fantasy soap opera shown on Philippine television. Filipino actor Ian Veneracion plays Armeo.

Character's background

Armeo is the former King of Sapiro and father to Ybrahim. He is responsible for slaying Arvak. He is also the cousin of prince Raquim.

After slaying Arvak, he take from him all three elemental gems of land, fire and water, temporarily halting the Hathors' vicious campaign but because he was mortally wounded and was about to die, he then gave the Jewels to Raquim and told him to give it to the Diwatas for safe keeping. Armeo's ancient predecessor helped the extinction of Etheria and became a member of the Council of Encantadia.

Lira was able to meet him temporarily in Devas.

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