An Armenophile is a non-Armenian person who expresses a strong interest in or appreciation for Armenian culture, Armenian History or the Armenian people. It may apply to both those who display an enthusiasm in Armenian culture and to those who support political or social causes associated with the Armenian people. During an after the First World War and simultaneous Armenian Genocide, the term was applied to people like Henry Morgenthau who aggressively drew attention to the victims of massacre and deportation, and who raised aid for refugees. President Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt have also been called Armenophiles, due in part to their support for the creation of Wilsonian Armenia. In modern usage, the term is sometimes used as an accusation of bias, especially when applied to those who support Recognition of the Armenian Genocide or those who support Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Armenophilism sometimes considered an antonym of Anti-Armenianism

Notable Armenophiles

The following people have been described as Armenophiles for varying reasons.

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