Argolis, region of ancient Greece in the NE Peloponnesus. It was roughly identical with the Argive plain and was the area dominated by the city of Argos.
Argolis (Αργολίδα Argolída, aɾɣo̞ˈliða; Ἀργολίς Argolís in ancient Greek and Katharevousa) is one of the fifty-one prefectures of Greece. It is located in the eastern part of the Peloponnese. Most arable land lies in the central part. Its primary agricultural resources are oranges and olives, and beaches are found in the south and east; mountains and hills dominate the west, northeast and east.

It is bounded by Arcadia to the west and southwest, Corinthia to the north, the Saronic Gulf, the Attica prefecture and the Troezen area to the east and southeast over water, and the Argolic Gulf to the south. (The Argolid of ancient times included Troezen.)

Its mountain ranges include Lyrkeia and Trachy in the northwest.


Parts of the history of the area can be found in Argos, Nafplio, Troezen(now part of Piraeus prefecture), Hermione, Kranidi, Tolo.

From 1833 to 1899, the prefecture was part Argolidocorinthia, which included Hydra, Spetses and Kythira. It joined Corinthia to form Argolidocorinthia again in 1909. Forty years later, in 1949, the prefecture was finally separated from Corinthia. See also Argolidocorinthia.

In early 1998, a flash flood carrying muddy water swept through the valley near Argos and devastated citrus crops and other area agriculture, including olives and other crops, and grazing areas. Damages were several million drachmas, then still the currency of Greece.


The area is connected by highways:




  • Argaiki Radiofonia - Argos
  • Argos Radio Deejay - Argos - 96.2 FM
  • Cool FM - Argos, Kefalari - 90.7 FM
  • Dimotiko Radiofoniou Nafpliou - Nafplio
  • Radio Argolida - Nafplio - 90.2 FM
  • Radio Ermionida - Ermioni
  • Radio Kranidi - Kranidi
  • Style 89.6 - Argos - 89.6 FM


  • Max TV

Geography and administration


Municipalities and communities

Municipality Municipal code Seat (if different) Postal code
Argos 0402 212 00
Asini 0403 Drepano 210 60
Asklipieio 0404 Lygourio 210 52
Epidaurus 0406 Archaía Epídavros 210 54
Ermioni 0407 210 51
Koutsopodi 0408 210 00
Kranidi 0409 213 00
Lerna 0410 Myloi 212 00
Lyrkeia 0411 210 58
Midea 0412 Agia Triada 210 55
Mykines 0413 212 00
Nafplion 0414 211 00
Nea Kios 0415 210 53
Nea Tiryntha 0416 Tíryns 211 00
Community YPES code Seat Postal code
Achladokampos 0405 210 57
Alea 0401 Skoteiní 205 00

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