Arctic sunrise

MV Arctic Sunrise


  • Port of registry: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Former Name: Polar Bjorn
  • Date of charter: 1977
  • Number of berths: 30
  • Inflatable boats:
  • Helicopter capable: Yes
  • Type of ship: Former Seismic Research Vessel
  • Call sign: PCTK
  • Built: 1975
  • Gross tonnage: 949 BRT
  • Length o.a: 49.62 m.
  • Breadth:
  • Draught: 5.30 m.
  • Maximum speed:
  • Main engines: MAK 9M452AK 2495 ihp 1619 kW

The MV Arctic Sunrise is an icebreaker operated by Greenpeace.

The vessel was built in 1975. It has a gross tonnage of 949 tonnes, a length of 50 m and a maximum speed of . Under the original name of Polarbjorn ("polar bear"), it was used as a sealing ship, until chartered by Greenpeace in 1995.


The Arctic Sunrise has been involved in various campaigns including anti-whaling campaigns in the Southern Ocean. She is registered as a Motor Vessel.

In January 2006 the Arctic Sunrise collided with the Nisshin Maru, a Japanese whaling ship, when the latter was approaching a supply ship. Both ships suffered minor damage.

In early February 2007 the ship was moored in Leith docks, in Edinburgh. On 23 February, 2007, she took part in a blockade of Faslane Naval Base and was subsequently impounded by the MoD police.

On August 30th, 2006 the Arctic Sunrise was involved in a protest against the Canadian laker Algomarine off of Nanticoke, Ontario where she was attempting to enter harbor with a load of coal for the power station. A Zodiac RIB came alongside and activists painted the hull of the laker with "No Coal. No Nuclear. Clean Energy." Two activists then boarded the boat and chained themselves to the self unloading boom. A third activist suspended herself with the use of a climbing harness from the rudder of the Algomarine, effectively halting it. The Canadian Coast Guard was called in to remove the protesters.


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