Archaon, Lord of the End Times

Archaon is a fictional character in Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargame. He was the main character of the forces of Chaos and a central character in the summer 2004 campaign known as Storm of Chaos. Archaon is the most powerful Chaos Lord in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. He rides the demonic steed Dorghar and wields a sword called the 'Slayer of Kings'.

Fictional Biography

Archaon was once a great witch hunter, or Templar of Sigmar, devoted to defeating the forces of Chaos. He read ancient manuscripts written by the prophet Necrodomo the Insane. The prophecy is also thought to have described, in detail, how the Warhammer world will end at the hands of the Chaos gods. Enraged by what he read, he destroyed the book, razed the temple, murdered his family and abandoned Sigmar. Then, he traveled north to the Chaos Wastes,and offered himself to the Chaos Gods. Archaon spent years gathering the six treasures of Chaos and after collecting the treasures, he was crowned 'Lord of the End Times'. Leading a vast army, Archaon marched on The Empire from the North while his herald, Crom the Conqueror, marched from the east over the World's Edge Mountains.

During the Storm of Chaos

During the Storm of Chaos campaign, Archaon sought to storm the city of Middenheim, enter the Temple of Ulric and corrupt its Eternal Flame with his own essence, causing an apocalypse. After his forces ruined two provinces of the Empire and ravaged a third, Archaon laid siege to Middenheim. However, the Empire's defenders had slowed the chaos horde, giving the Middenheimers time to prepare their defences. Attacked by the armies of Bretonnia, Kislev and the Orcs, the Chaos horde began to break and, when news came that the armies of Karl Franz and Valten were closing, Archaon was forced to lift the siege. He attacked Valten's army and came face to face with him. After narrowly dodging a deathblow, Archaon summoned the power of his sword and overcame Valten, but was shocked at the comet-shaped birthmark on Valten's exposed chest. Suddenly Archaon was attacked by Luthor Huss, then by the Orc warlord Grimgor Ironhide. In the melee he was defeated by Grimgor, but not slain. Following his defeat, Archaon quit the battlefield with the few survivors of his army.

The six treasures of Chaos

The six treasures of Chaos are magical artifacts possessed by Archaon. The background fiction for the Archaon explains how he searched the Warhammer World for the six artifacts prior to the events of the Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign.

The Mark of the Chosen One

This mark was burned into Archaon's forehead when he visited a place known only as the "Altar of Ultimate Darkness" in Naggaroth. The Mark represents a blessing from each of the four Chaos Gods.

The Armour of Morkar

This suit of immensely ancient black Chaos armour once belonged to the first Everchosen of Chaos, Morkar the Uniter, who was slain by Sigmar, founder of the Empire. How exactly Archaon acquired the Armour of Morkar is unknown; the story says that he traveled across the seas on a ship made of black metal, and returned with the suit of armour. The armour is enchanted with strong protective magic. In the game the armour gives Archaon a 1+ saving throw.

The Eye of Sheerian

This mysterious gemstone is supposedly named after a powerful Tzeentchian sorcerer. The gemstone was located by Archaon amongst the treasure-hoard of a Chaos dragon. Archaon wore the gem around his neck as a talisman until he received the Crown of Domination. The Eye has unspecified prophetic powers which can be used by its bearer when it is set into the Crown of Domination. It is an immensely powerful protective artifact which shields Archaon from physical and magical attack.

Dorghar, the Daemon Steed

Archaon's demonic steed is referred to as W'Soraych in the 1998 Champions of Chaos supplement, but called Dorghar in the 2001 Hordes of Chaos book. In order to acquire this creature, Archaon traveled deep to the Gates of Chaos and stole the monstrous animal from the stables of a daemon-lord known as Agrammon.

During the events of the Storm of Chaos it is stated that Valten destroyed Dorghar with the Hammer of Sigmar, forcing Archaon to fight him on foot.

The Slayer of Kings

This huge magical sword is inhabited by the spiritual essence of a greater daemon known as U'zuhl. The daemon was bound to the sword by the second great champion of Chaos, Vangel. Archaon discovered the sword in the Chimera Plateau, a remote location apparently occupied by the oldest living Dragon Ogre. The story of Archaon's recovery of the sword says that he wrested it from the creature's grasp while the creature was asleep. The weapon can be used in one of two ways in game; it can either be used in its 'dormant' state where it simply ignores armour saves, or Archaon can unleash U'zuhl's fury and boost his stats to amazing levels, at the cost of the weapon attacking him or an ally in base contact if he rolls a 1 to hit with his attacks.

The Crown of Domination

After years of searching, Archaon's warband, the Swords of Chaos, located a hidden shrine in the World's Edge Mountains. Within the shrine, Archaon faced challenges set by all four of the Chaos gods, including daemonic attacks and confusing illusions. The final challenge took place in the chamber containing the Crown, where Archaon fought and killed a Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne. Archaon seized the Crown, despite the efforts of the enraged and jealous Daemon Prince Be'lakor. The capture of the Crown resulted in Archaon's coronation as the Lord of the End Times and signified the beginning of his crusade to fulfil the prophecy of Necrodomo, which resulted in the third End of Times war - the conflict represented by the Storm of Chaos worldwide campaign.


Archaon was first released by Games Workshop in 1998 for their Champions of Chaos range. The model was updated in 2001 with the new rules for the Chaos army. The model has recently been awarded the greatest warhammer model that Games Workshop has ever produced.


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