Araby comprises the fictional or romanticised traditional counterpart to Arabia or to the Arab world. In the context of Edward Said's view of Orientalism, Araby exemplifies the exotic and mysterious nature of the Middle East.

It can also refer to:

  • Arabi (Arabic: عربي), the rough transliteration of the Arabic word for "Arabic"
  • "Araby" (short story), from James Joyce's 1914 Dubliners
  • Araby (Warhammer), a country in the Warhammer Fantasy setting by Games Workshop
  • "The Sheik of Araby", a 1921 jazz song written by Harry Smith and Francis Wheeler with music by Ted Snyder
  • "The Gulf of Araby", a song by Katell Keineg, from her 1994 debut album Ô Seasons Ô Castles

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