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ARINC 653 (Avionics Application Standard Software Interface) is a software specification for space and time partitioning. It defines an API for software of avionics, following the architecture of Integrated Modular Avionics. It is part of ARINC 600-Series Standards for Digital Aircraft & Flight Simulators.


ARINC 653 defines an APplication EXecutive (APEX) for space and time partitioning. Each partition has its own memory space. It also has a dedicated time slot allocated by the APEX. Within each Partition multitasking is allowed.


  • Partition Management
  • Process Management
  • Time Management
  • Interpartition Communication
  • Intrapartition Communication
  • Health Monitoring


Green Hills Software ARINC 653

LynuxWorks ARINC 653

Wind River ARINC 653

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