Appleton layer


Layer may refer to:

  • A layer of dieposits found on archaeological excavation isolated as a single context in the stratigraphy of the site
  • A layer hen, a hen raised to produce eggs.
  • In abstraction, a layer is an abstract place conceived as having depth.
  • Stratum, a layer of rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics.
  • Thermocline, a layer within a body of water where the temperature changes rapidly with depth.
  • Layering, a technique for plant propagation.
  • Layered hair, a popular hair styling technique.
  • Layering (clothing), the wearing of multiple layers of clothing for practical or fashion purposes


In fiction:

  • Layer, a scantily-clad female Maverick Hunter in the Mega Man X series. She works as a Navigator and has a crush on the character Zero.

In computing and technology:

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