Apathy is Boring

Apathy is Boring

The Apathy is Boring Project is a Canadian national non-partisan project that uses art, media, and technology to encourage active citizenry, outreaching to a broad demographic of youth about how to be more involved in their communities and the democratic process.

By engaging youth who are disengaged, Apathy Is Boring aims to be the entry point for young people into lifelong active citizenry. Apathy is Boring's aim is to really communicate with youth using a mix of creative, content-driven projects that engage, motivate and educate. Examples include: concerts, election campaigns, user generated website content and video competitions .

Apathy is Boring is youth run and works with other Canadian groups that encourage youth to vote such as: Get Your Vote On, Rock the Vote and Vote Out Loud .


Apathy is Boring was born in January 2004 when founders saw that many of their peers felt disengaged from the political process. This was especially evident following the 2000 general election in which the youth voter turnout reached an all time low of 25% .

Community Support

Apathy is Boring has support from many known artists including:

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