[en-ee-wuhn, -wuhn]
Anyone is a band from Southern California that formed in 1995. Their 2001 self-titled album was released on Roadrunner Records. They have described their music using the term "maximum acid", combining a heavy metal sound with psychedelic rock influences. Anyone is the brainchild of Riz Story, the band's lead singer and guitarist, and also the only member of the band that has remained since its inception.

Following some more changes to the band's lineup and an extended period between the releases, their second album, Sip the Pleasure of Days, is planned for a 2007 release, and the band have signed to a new record label, Delinquent Recordz.


The group was preceded by the band Sylvia, consisting of Story, drummer Taylor Hawkins and guitarist Sean Murphy, which dissolved when Hawkins joined Alanis Morissette's band (and later Foo Fighters), and Murphy began to work with bands Magdalen and Divinorum, besides his solo career. This led to Story's formation of Anyone in 1995, him being joined by bassist "Static" and drummer Dave "Nipples" Murray.

In 1996, Anyone's first album Rats Live on no Evil Star (a palindrome) was released on an indie label. The live album Live Acid was released in 1999, and by 2001 the band were signed to Roadrunner Records and were working with record producer Rick Parashar, and released their self-titled full-length debut, Anyone in that year. The single "Don't Wake Me" was shown on the Kerrang! music channel.

Johnny Ransom replaced Nipples as drummer in 2002, and both Ransom and "Static" left the band in 2004, being replaced by "Boano" as drummer, and Miki Black as guitarist and keyboardist. The DVD The Story of Maximum Acid was released, as was the EP A Little Sip in 2006.

The band currently consist of Riz Story, Miki Black, Miles Martin as bassist and Lincoln Nesto replacing "Boano" as drummer. Their latest full-length album, Sip the Pleasure of Days, is set for a 2007 release on Delinquent Recordz.


They have been compared to Jane's Addiction, Faith No More and Tool. "Maximum Acid" is the term they use to describe their own sound, as a fusion of hard rock and psychedelia. In the past, some of the band's live shows have been conducted whilst an orgy is taking place.

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