Antisigma periestigmenon


Antisigma, a reversed lunate sigma, encoded at U+03FD (Ͻ) may represent an editorial sign introduced by Aristarchus of Samothrace for pre-Classical Greek, used like a dotted lunate sigma (sigma periestigmenon, encoded at U+03FE Ͼ), which he also used. They both indicate that the line so marked is at an incorrect position [i.e. out of place]. The antisigma was given a short-lived use for Greek-borrowings into Latin as one of the Claudian letters, with a value of /bs/ or /ps/.

A dotted antisigma (antisigma periestigmenon, encoded at U+03FF Ͽ) in pre-Classical Greek use may indicate a line after which rearrangements should be made, or to variant readings of uncertain priority.

An Antisigma particle, the anti-particle of a sigma baryon

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