Anthene lycaenina

Anthene lycaenina

The Pointed Ciliate Blue (Anthene lycaenina) is a small butterfly found in India that belongs to the Lycaenids or Blues family.


Closely resembles Anthene emolus. In both sexes however, but especially in the male, the fore wing is distinctly narrower and more acute at apex and the hind wing more acutely angulated at the tornus. In markings on the upperside the two forms are closely alike; on the underside they differ as follows:— Groundcolour similar but a shade darker. Fore wing: the transverse discal band dislocated below vein 3 and shifted inwards so that the short band on the discocellulars and the anterior portion of the discal band form the two branches, the lower portion of the discal band the stem, of a rough Y-shaped figure. Hind wing: a large black or dark brown white-encircled spot touching vein 7 near its base (in A. emolus there is never any trace of such spot). The discal and terminal transverse bands with their pale or white edgings much more broken, irregular and confused. Antennae, head, thorax and abdomen as in the female of emolus, but on the underside the palpi, thorax and abdomen whiter with a slight bluish tint.


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