Anthèmes is the name of two compositions by the French composer Pierre Boulez. Originally a short piece for violin solo, written for the 90th birthday of Universal Edition's director Alfred Schlee, Boulez later expanded it and reworked it as Anthèmes II, a longer work for violin and live electronics. (This kind of expansion of an earlier work is common for Boulez, see also Structures.)

Anthèmes was written in 1991, but revised (and extended) in 1994. Anthèmes II was produced in 1997.


  • Arditti Quartet: From Vienna. With short works by several composers. Includes the first version of Anthèmes, performed by Irvine Arditti. Disques Montaigne, 1995.
  • Donaueschinger Musiktage 1997. Includes a live recording of Anthèmes II, performed by Hae-Sun Kang. Col legno, 1999.
  • Boulez - Sur Incises & Anthemes II. Violin: Hae-Sun Kang. Deutsche Grammophon, 2000. This recording won the 2001 Gramophone Awards.
  • Sequenza: seven works for solo violin, performed by Diego Tosi. Includes Anthèmes. Disques du Solstice, 2005.


  • Pierre Boulez: Anthèmes : pour violon seul (1992) Éditeur : Wien : Universal Edition, ©1992. OCLC: 29620164
  • Jonathan Goldman: Analyzing Pierre Boulez Notes on Anthèmes : "creating a labyrinth out of another labyrinth" Type: English : Book Book : Microform Microform Publisher: [Montréal] : Université de Montréal, 1998. OCLC: 48831192

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