Anshi Rebellion

Yan (Anshi)

Yan (燕), also known as the Great Yan (大燕), was a state established in 756 by the Tang Dynasty general An Lushan, after he rebelled against the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang in 755. The state was extinguished in 763, when the son of An Lushan's subordinate Shi Siming, Shi Chaoyi, the last person to claim the title as Yan's emperor, was killed.

Rulers of Yan

Temple names Posthumous names Family names and given name Durations of reigns Era names and their according durations
Chinese convention: use family name and given name
None La (剌 là) An Lushan (安祿山 ān lù shān) 756-757 Shengwu (聖武 shèng wǔ) 756-757
None None An Qingxu (安慶緒 ān qìng xù) 757-759 Tiancheng (天成 tiān chéng) 757-759
None None Shi Siming (史思明 shǐ sī míng) 759-761 Shuntian (順天 shùn tiān) 759-761
Yingtian (應天 yìng tiān) 761
None None Shi Chaoyi (史朝義 shǐ cháo yì) 761-763 Xiansheng (顯聖 xiǎn shèng) 761-763

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