Anonim is a hip hop band from Bucharest, Romania, with two members (Dragoş Lungeanu and Laurenţiu Mocanu). It was created in 1999, but the two members started commercially singing together in 2005 due to age issues (profanity by minors). The two wanted to start up a band without a specific name, so in the end they settled for Anonim ("Anonymous" in Romanian).

In the winter of 1999 they recorded their first song in Gabi Mitran's studio. By the year 2000 they began singing in Bucharest at high school parties, in bars and clubs. Eventually they met Paraziţii, who at the time were interested in promoting new hip hop bands. In 2002 they held several concerts around Romania with Paraziţii, and are now on Paraziţii's label, "20CM Records".


Hai sa vorbim ("Let's Talk") 2005

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