Anniston Chemical Activity

Anniston Chemical Activity is a U.S. Army chemical weapon storage site located in Alabama. The Army has safely stored approximately seven percent of the nation’s original chemical weapons stockpile at the Anniston Army Depot since the early 1960s. In August 2003, the Army began disposing of these weapons at the Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility. Since then, it has destroyed by incineration 47% of the depot's total stockpile including all 437 tons (397 metric tons) of GB (sarin). As of July 2006, there were 1,817 tons (1,648 metric tons) of other agents remaining at the Depot. This stockpile was split 46%/54% between mustard gas and VX nerve agent. On July 23, 2006, destruction of the base's stockpile of VX was begun. By January, 2007, 131 tons (119 metric tons) of VX had been destroyed.

Anniston develops and operates mobile treatment systems for on-site treatment of recovered chemical weapons. The agency successfully treated recovered chemical weapons at Camp Sibert and Fort McClellan, both in Alabama.

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