Ankhesenpepi I

Ankhesenpepi I

Ankhesenpepi I or Ankhesenmeryre I was a queen consort during the sixth dynasty of Egypt. She and her sister Ankhesenpepi II were the daughters of Khui and the vizier Nebet and were sisters of the Vizier Djau. Both were married to Pharaoh Pepi I whose throne name was Meryre; their name was probably taken when the marriage took place, since it means “Her life belongs to Pepi/Meryre”. Both queens gave birth to successors of Pepi: the son of Ankhesenpepi I was Merenre Nemtyemsaf I, who ruled only for a few years; the son of Ankhesenpepi II was Pepi II, who succeeded after Nemtyemsaf's death.

She is mentioned together with her sister on their brother's stela in Abydos, also, at her pyramid, on an inscription now in Berlin, and a decree in Abydos.

Her titles were: King's Wife, King's Mother, Great of Sceptre.


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