[ah-nuh-mah-toh, an-uh-; It. ah-nee-mah-taw]
Animato is a compilation of short films by Mike Jittlov, using extensive use of stop motion, pixilation, kinestasis, animation, and multiple exposures. It featured The Interview, Swing Shift, Rocketman, The Leap, Time Tripper, and Fashionation.

It was screened at Filmex in 1977. Regis Philbin was so impressed by the short Time Tripper that he had it televised.

Fashionation is one of the animated segments. The short is made by Kinestasis, or animation of cutouts. These were usually fashion magazine cutouts illustrating the lyrics in the song "I Know a Place" from Petula Clark. It also extensively used Multiple exposures, Pixilation and stop motion for the brief live action sequence, which just happened to feature Mike Jittlov.

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