Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is a fictional supervillain from the DC Universe and a foe of the original Doom Patrol. He first appeared in Doom Patrol (1st series) #89 (August 1964). The story was written by Arnold Drake, with art by Bruno Premiani.

Character's background

Dr. Sven Larsen is a Swedish scientist and a former student of Niles Caulder, but they had a falling out after Larsen accused Caulder of stealing his idea for the anti-decay ray. Larsen gains his superpowers after falling into a vat of amino acids. He uses his powers to get revenge on Caulder and Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol defeat him and are able to remove his powers. He later regains them and fights the Doom Patrol again.

Larsen returns to face the second incarnation of the Doom Patrol in Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #15 (December 1988) and #16 (Winter 1988), in partnership with General Immortus. He is defeated after Celsius encases him in ice. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and abilities

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man can change his body into the form of any animal, vegetable, or mineral.

Other appearances

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man had a cameo appearance in issue #28 of Teen Titans Go!. The Doom Patrol discuss a battle they (along with a younger Beast Boy) had with Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man. He makes a full appearance on page 10, which itself is a based on the cover of the Doom Patrol comic.


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