Angus Diggle

Angus Diggle

Angus Diggle (born 1958) is a British former solicitor who was convicted of attempted rape in a case that became a cause cêlebre.


Diggle caused something of a sensation when in 1993 he was sentenced to three years in prison for the attempted rape of a woman after a Highland Ball. Her friends found him wearing only frilly cuffs and a luminous condom. The sentence was later reduced to two years on appeal and he was freed after serving 12 months after gaining full remission for good behaviour.

Many people feel that he was quite unfairly convicted as both parties were reported as being quite helplessly drunk at the time. On the fairness issue, questions were even raised regarding the matter in the House of Lords in the UK.

Diggle however, did not help himself at the time, when in evidence he said to the police: "I spent £200 on her. Why can't I do what I did to her?"

After prison

In 1997 he put his name forward as one of 150 possible candidates for the then vacant Parliamentary seat of Kensington and Chelsea. Tory officials there were at the time keen to avoid embarrassment after then sitting MP Sir Nicholas Scott was de-selected for being found face down in a gutter of a Bournemouth Street. Diggle, perhaps not surprisingly was not selected even on as far as a short-list.

Little has been heard of Diggle since 1997. The Scottish Law Society does not have him listed as a current member.

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