Anglia Tonight

Anglia Tonight

Anglia Tonight is a regional news programme produced by ITV Anglia (formerly Anglia Television), serving the East of England and broadcast at 6pm every weeknight.

Since 1990, there have been two editions: Anglia East (Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex) and Anglia West (Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire), both broadcast from Norwich (pre-dating current practice in other ITV regions by 17 years). Both areas are covered by the same news bulletin programmes at the weekend.

Anglia News replaced Anglia Television’s About Anglia in 1990. The 6pm programme changed title to "Anglia Tonight" in 2004, although it was called "Anglia News Tonight" for a short time beforehand.

On Air

Anglia News airs on ITV1 Anglia seven days a week. ITV Anglia provides three news bulletins during GMTV. The mid-morning bulletin (often at about 11:15am) airs immediately after an ITV News Summary, during This Morning, and this update airs for around ten minutes. The lunchtime edition of the programme follows on from the ITV Lunchtime News, giving a round-up of the day in just over five minutes from 1:55pm. The evening edition of Anglia Tonight begins at 6pm and ends at 6:30pm. The late news update from Anglia follows the News at Ten, airing between 10:30pm and 10:45pm from Monday to Thursday and between 11:30pm and 11:45pm on Friday, after ITV Late News.

Anglia News airs four bulletins at the weekend - two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

The team

Currently, the Anglia News/Tonight on-air team consists of the following:

Main anchors

East edition

West edition

  • Tim Curtis
  • Caroline Oldrey

Other presenters

Sports presenters

  • Donovan Blake

  • Stuart Jarrold


In 1999, the Weather forecasting department (the original ITV regional department) was sacked by Granada and replaced by weather presenters.

  • Simon Brant
  • David Hughes

  • Louise Beale
  • Amanda Houston


  • Neil Bradford
  • Timothy Evans
  • John Francis
  • Matthew Hudson
  • Stuart Leithes
  • Simon Newton
  • Malcolm Robertson
  • Emma Baker
  • Sarah Beecroft
  • Karen Dallas (also newsreader)
  • Linda Fairbrother

  • Charlotte Fisher
  • Natalie Gray
  • Emma Hutchinson (Political Correspondent)
  • Louise Beale
  • Claire McGlasson
  • Rhiannon Mills
  • Alpa Patel
  • Kate Prout
  • Lorna Ramsey
  • Sally Rourke
  • Emma Thomas

N.B. Many of the reporters, including Sascha Williams and Karl Heidel, also double up as presenters and/or news readers, and sometimes weather presenters also double as reporters.

Former presenters

  • Helen McDermott (Anglia News East presenter)
  • Stephen Chambers (Anglia News West presenter)
  • Becky Mantin (Anglia Weather presenter now working for the ITV National Weather)
  • Dan O'Hagan (Anglia sports presenter now working for BBC Match of the Day)

  • Philippa Heap (Anglia presenter and reporter)
  • Kate Recordon (Anglia presenter)
  • Sara Thornton (Anglia Weather)
  • Bhavani Vadde (Anglia Weather)

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