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List of Rescue Me characters

This article contains summaries of characters appearing on the TV series Rescue Me.

The Firehouse


  • Tommy Gavin - (Denis Leary) - Tommy Gavin is the main character of the series. Suffered from a variety of post-traumatic stress disorder-related mental problems following the September 11, 2001, attacks as well as a disintegrating marriage. He is a recovering — and at times relapsing — alcoholic.
  • Sean Garrity - (Steven Pasquale) - Young firefighter who's known for his dimwitted yet kind-hearted nature. Begins a relatiosnhip with Tommy's sister Maggie in season three, ultimately marrying her despite her antagonistic personality (only to divorce later)
  • Mike Silletti - (Michael Lombardi) - Rookie firefighter who at the beginning of the series had just begun his probationary period, and as such was regularly referred to as "Probie". Emotionally needy and at times emotionally unstable, Mike often finds himself involved in a variety of sexual situations (often involving homosexuality in some shape or form) over the course of the series before ultimately coming out as bisexual, with a preference towards women. Mike also suffers from dyslexia.
  • Franco Rivera - (Daniel Sunjata) - A womanizing firefighter and single-father, Franco is Tommy's former protege with the main group of firefighters. Has a daughter named Keela, who he ultimately lost custody of to a wealthy former girlfriend when she found out that he had custody of her despite signing away his parental rights.
  • Black Shawn - (Larenz Tate) - "Black Shawn" is the newest crew member in the firehouse. His real name is Bart. He was recruited for his basketball talent in order to beat a rival firehouse and as such, negotiated with the rest of the firefighters that they could not call him "Probie" and other rookie hazing stuff. The firefighters (minus Tommy) indulge Black Shawn's demands (including calling him "Shawn"), creating tension between Tommy and Black Shawn. However, by the end of season four, Tommy begins to respect Black Shawn after seeing him in action during a fire, confirming his belief that Black Shawn was a good fireman and not a prima donna. He also appears to be starting a relationship with Tommy's daughter, Colleen.


  • Lieutenant Kenneth Shea - (John Scurti) - Kenneth "Kenny" Shea, affectionately called "Lou" on account of his rank, is among the smartest of the crew as well as the resident "philosopher" of the group. Divorced by his wife in season one and conned out of his life savings by a prostitute in season two, "Lou" recovers by the end of third season with help from Tommy.

Deceased/Transferred Firefighters

  • Firefighter Billy Warren - (Ed Sullivan) (2004 - 2006) - Season One redshirt character who died in a fire after saving Tommy. Despite his detached and possibly psychotic behavior, he was well liked by the rest of the crew. It was revealed in the pilot episode that Billy may have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which may explain his behavior and outlook on life. He was very popular with women and, as was revealed by his widow after his funeral, had a 10-inch penis, winning him an in-house contest over who had the largest penis. He appears as one of Tommy's "ghosts" during season four, condeming Tommy over his various actions.
  • Firefighter Laura Miles - (Diane Farr) (2004-2005) - A female firefighter who replaced Billy Warren at the end of seaosn one and for the rest of season two. Initially rejected by most of the crew simply for being female, she slowly gains their respect and ultimately began a romatic relationship with Franco. Unfortunately, when her relationship with Franco ended, she opted to transfer to another station and instructed her friends not to tell Franco where she was now at.
  • Battalion Chief Jerry Reilly - (Jack McGee) - Jerry Reilly was the chief of the 15th Battalion, quartered at the same firehouse as Ladder 62 and Engine 99 at the start of the series. Most of Jerry's storylines revolved around his dealing with his gambling addiction, his Alzheimer's ridden wife, and the problems he had accepting his son's homosexuality. After suffering a heart attack, he was told he would have to retire from active duty and take a desk job. Though outwardly cheerful and accepting of this new stage of life — even making plans for the next day — he went home and took his own life rather than face life without fighting fires.

Tommy's family

Wife and children

  • Janet Gavin - (Andrea Roth) - Janet Gavin is Tommy Gavin's estranged wife. Over the years, she has had a complicated love and hate relationship with Tommy that exploded after 9-11 and led to their separation and impending divorce. At the end of season one she finally leaves Tommy, taking the kids after Tommy destroys her relationship with a new boyfriend but comes back to Tommy after he kidnaps their children from her. With aid from anti-depressants, the two reconcile but separate again after the death of their son Connor, who died in a hit and run accident by a drunk driver. She was most recently involved with Tommy's brother, Johnny Gavin (until his recent death), but didn't object when raped by Tommy during a meeting to discuss their impending divorce. In fact, she returns to Tommy later on and seduces him. Between seasons three and four, she gave birth to a boy; she is uncertain of the paternity of the baby.
  • Colleen Gavin - (Natalie Distler) - Tommy's rebellious teenage daughter who often pits her parents against each other. In season one she dates Sean Murphy and gets his initials tattooed near her iliac crest, much to the dismay of Janet and Tommy. While on their way to a concert, Colleen and Sean are involved in a car accident which Tommy and his fire crew attend. Tommy plots to break them up by hiding all the get-well gifts Sean sends her. Later on Colleen gets in trouble at school for making out with her new girlfriend after she openly comes clean to her parents about being a Lesbian. Tommy was surprisingly supportive of Colleen's tenure as a lesbian because he didn't want her to end up with a guy on the basis that all guys are just looking for sex. After her younger brother Connor dies, Colleen finds Jesus. Her finding salvation, however, had more to do with her wanting to fit in and be popular and not really from a deep need for spirituality. By the fourth season her love for Jesus seems to have passed. According to the season 4 premiere Colleen had gone back to lesbianism briefly (during the 9 months between seasons 3 and 4), but now she is dating a 26-year-old man who is the lead singer of his band. Tommy has tried to break the two of them up, but relented, even giving Colleen a credit card so she could at least live comfortably. Her boyfriend uses it to buy an engagement ring for another girl, which actually thrills Tommy. She now seems to have started a relationship with Black Shawn.
  • Katy Gavin - (Olivia Crocicchia) - Katy is Tommy and Janet's youngest daughter. Like her siblings her love is usually for sale depending on which parent pays the most. After the death of her brother Connor, Katy was for a brief time withdrawn and existential. Her dark outlook on life and lack of belief in God scared Sean Garrity.
  • Connor Gavin - (Trevor Heins) - Connor was Tommy's only son. Connor was killed by a drunk driver in the 12th episode of the second season. Shortly before he died Connor eavesdropped on a conversation between Tommy and Damien where Tommy explained why he loved his job. Connor told his mother he was going to grow up to be a fireman because it was in his blood. Janet and Tommy both took Connor's death hard. Janet blamed Connor's death on Tommy and began sleeping with Tommy's brother Johnny. Tommy's uncle Teddy murdered the drunk driver (due to the fact the man got off previously for another drunk driving death due to connections and it was feared he would again) and went to prison.
  • "No-Name" Gavin - Janet's newborn son (born between Seasons 3 and 4) and a major source of conflict in Season 4. There is a question of paternity, as Janet was dating Johnny Gavin and having an affair with Tommy Gavin, meaning either could be the father, but once the baby grew black hair, it is assumed that he is Johnny's son. Janet remarks that the baby "hates" her, since he cries whenever she picks him up, but will stop as soon as she hands him to someone else. The one time he didn't cry in Janet's arms was when she was busy yelling at Tommy, prompting him to tell her to "criticize me some more." No-Name is hated by Katy due to his constant crying, which also drives Janet into depression, making her unable to care for the baby or Katy. This prompts Tommy to consider giving the baby to Sheila, whom No-Name likes. However, a vision of Johnny says that will create a future of confusion and trouble for No-Name and everyone else, not to mention that the baby has already caused much chaos to people's lives as only an infant. Johnny suggests that Tommy kill the baby for its own good, but Tommy refuses and gives him to Sheila. Janet and Katy soon steal the baby right back. Sheila wants to name the baby "Elvis" and Janet wants to name him "Wyatt" (Tommy hates both names). In the Season 4 finale, No-Name finally smiles in Janet's arms.


  • Michael Gavin - (Charles Durning) - Michael Gavin was Tommy's eccentric father. A retired firefighter himself, he decided to "live life" while he has it left. During Season 2 he took a spontaneous vacation and came back married to a rich Korean woman, Jenny Ng, with a penthouse full of cats. After her death, he expected to receive a windfall inheritance, but it didn't happen. Attending a baseball game with Tommy, he dies in the season four finale.
  • Martha Gavin - (unseen character) - Tommy's mother. She died in the first season, coincidentally not long after Tommy used her grave illness as an excuse to try to get out of a traffic ticket. Indications point to a less-than-loving marriage between the Gavins towards the end, and Janet Gavin had very little good to say about her at her funeral.


  • Johnny Gavin - (Dean Winters) (2004-2006, 2007) - Johnny Gavin is Tommy's younger brother. He is a well-connected detective in the NYPD, who reluctantly helps Tommy out in terms of getting him out of trouble with the law and providing information to Tommy when asked. He has an ex-wife named Angie (Marisa Tomei) and two daughters, who have not been seen in the series. It is mentioned that one of the daughters is in reform school. During the first season, Johnny helps Tommy (Denis Leary), mess with Janet's new boyfriend by having him arrested at one point. Johnny encourages Tommy to call their father, Michael Gavin (Charles Durning), especially after Michael separated from their mother. Eventually, Michael returned home, but she died shortly after. Johnny also attempts to help Tommy locate Janet and Tommy's kids when she moves them out of New York at the end of the first season. As the show progressed, the character becomes more and more openly resentful towards Tommy and having to clean up his brother's messes, which is coupled with the fact that Johnny has been carrying an unrequited crush for Janet for years. After a short-lived reconciliation between Tommy and Janet, their only son Connor was killed by a drunk driver. Janet (Andrea Roth) moved out with their two daughters at the end of the second season. At the request of Tommy, Johnny began to look after Janet. The two started an affair, which was revealed at the end of the first episode of the third season. Tommy subsequently found out about the relationship and delivered a brutal beating to his brother at their father's 83rd birthday party. Johnny eventually reveals to Tommy that Janet is pregnant, but he has no idea that Janet has cheated on him with Tommy. Soon after, Johnny is shot three times in the back during a stakeout and is killed. This incident devastates Tommy, who had not yet reconciled with Johnny, but eventually was able to forgive him postmortem. Tommy has had a vision of Johnny's ghost in the fourth season, but only for a brief flash. Johnny was a recurring character in the first two seasons before becoming a regular in the third season.
    • Angie Gavin - (Marisa Tomei) (2006) - is ex-wife to Tommy's brother Johnny. Tommy and Angie recently came into contact with each other and started going out on dates to try to make Janet and Johnny jealous. They found out they have feelings for each other and started to have sex regularly. Tommy, however, could not climax. Angie found out that he still thinks about Janet, and when Angie wanted to have sex in his bed (in Janet and Tommy's old room), Tommy would not do it. At that moment, Janet showed up in a trench coat with lingerie underneath, ready to have sex with Tommy. Angie got even angrier and more insulted, so she left. As they all walked out of the apartment, Angela's former boyfriend, Sebastian, who has subsequently been stalking Angie for days, escorts her out. He then kicks Tommy in the face. Angie and Janet both leave very angrily, leaving Tommy on the floor of the hallway, bleeding from the lip. Angie and Johnny have two daughters who have yet to be introduced.
  • Maggie Gavin Garrity -(Tatum O'Neal) - born Peggy Sue Gavin, is Tommy's sister, who returned to the area after learning that their father was supposed to inherit money from his recently deceased wife. She is resented by her father for reasons that have not yet been revealed; she is a heavy smoker and drinker, and is considered to be evil incarnate by Tommy and the rest of her family (a charge Maggie makes no attempt to deny and revels in). She began relationship with Sean Garrity, a member of Tommy's fire crew, but secretly dated four other men behind Sean's back. When Sean found out and confronted her about it, his assertiveness led to her dropping her other lovers for Sean. The two became engaged, though it fell apart when Sean realized that he could not physically handle being married to someone as openly vile as Maggie, a move that caused Maggie to finally break down into tears. Maggie and Sean get back together during Johnny's funeral, and pays the priest $500 to marry them in the cemetery. Later throughout the fourth season, she divorces Sean. Maggie appears to be addicted to pornography.
  • Timo Gavin - (James Badge Dale) - Timo Gavin is Tommy's much younger brother and also a cop. He is only seen during the First Season, and not mentioned afterwards, including at large family funerals.
  • Rosemary Gavin - (Deanne Bray) - Rosemary Gavin is Tommy's sister. She was born deaf and was "sent away" as a child. She returned during the funeral for Johnny Gavin, but has not been seen since.
  • Father Liam Murphy - (Christopher Durham) (2005) - Tommy's illegitimate half-brother, the result of an affair Michael Gavin had with a woman (unnamed) 36 years ago. Liam is a priest and it's eventually revealed that he was molested as a child and has himself become a pedophile. Tommy and Johnny confront him and he's arrested.
    • Mariel Murphy - (Noelle Beck) - Liam has a sister, Mariel, whose mother is unclear on her paternity. Both Tommy and Johnny are attracted to her, but after a test it's determined that she is not the daughter of Michael (and thus not their sister) Tommy still decides not to pursue a relationship with her.

Extended family

  • Firefighter Jimmy Keefe - (James McCaffrey) Jimmy Keefe is Tommy's cousin who died at Ground Zero on 9-11. Husband of Sheila and father of Damien. His "ghost" often haunts Tommy.
    • Sheila Keefe - (Callie Thorne) - Sheila Keefe is the needy, sexy, foulmouthed Italian-American widow of Jimmy Keefe. She has a stormy relationship with Tommy. She's also the single mother (with Jimmy) of their dysfunctional son, Damien.
    • Damien Keefe - (Michael Zegen) - Damien Keefe is Jimmy and Sheila's son and Tommy's godson.
  • Mickey Gavin - (Robert John Burke) - Tommy's cousin, Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, and defrocked priest.
  • Eddie Gavin - (Terry Serpico) - Eddie Gavin is Tommy's cousin who is a lawyer. He often helps Tommy and the family with legal issues.
  • Teddy Gavin - (Lenny Clarke) - Teddy Gavin is Tommy's boisterous and jolly uncle. Brother of Michael Gavin, Tommy's father.
    • Ellie - (Patti D'Arbanville) - A woman who loved how Uncle Teddy killed Connor's killer and so she wrote him love letters. Teddy married her while in prison, making him eligible for conjugal visits. A prison guard tells Teddy that Ellie is only interested in him because she knows that he can't cheat on her if he's in a prison, and if ever he gets out, the relationship will fail. Eventually, Ellie becomes too much of an actual wife, complaining about the decor of the conjugal visit trailer and getting upset when Teddy does not ask her about her day. After Johnny's death, she was too upset and didn't want to sleep with Teddy. Due to these changes, Teddy wanted to get out of prison so he can ditch her. When Teddy was freed after his appeal trial, Ellie declared that she truly loved him and didn't want to leave him. Teddy, horrified that he is a married man, ditches her at a coffee shop. She finds him at the prison guard's home and makes him attend AA meetings, believing alcohol is the only thing standing between them.

Unseen Relatives

  • Peg Gavin - Teddy's first wife. She leaves Teddy. Teddy says she turned out to be a dyke.
  • Uncle Teddy's children - Teddy tells Tommy his kids are assholes in season one. Teddy tells Tommy in season two he doesn't have kids.
  • Johnny and Angie Gavin's two daughters - One is in reform school according to Tommy.
  • Mickey's parents - Presumably Mickey and Tommy's fathers are brothers.
  • Eddie's parents - Presumably Eddie and Tommy's fathers are brothers.
  • Jimmy's parents (as well as Tommy's aunt and uncle) - It Is Stated by Sheila that Jimmy's father died in a fire.
  • Jimmy's two sisters - Jimmy slept in the same room with them growing up.
  • Anne Marie Gavin - Presumably an unseen sister of Tommy's. Mr. Gavin called her when he returned from his trip to Ireland according to Johnny. Presumably this wasn't just another name for Maggie or Rosemary. Neither had spoken to Mr. Gavin in years.
  • Liam - Tommy's artist cousin.

Other characters

Other firefighters

  • Deputy Chief Ron Perolli - (Michael Mulheren) - The former Deputy chief of the house. Deputy Chief Perolli spends most of his time keeping the guys in order. His rank is never mentioned but he appears to be higher than Battalion Chief (Ron Perolli is a Battalion Chief)
  • Deputy Chief Sidney Feinberg (Jerry Adler) - Deputy Feinberg is Jewish and likes to play by the books. Tommy's rogue attitude upsets him, yet he still wants to set his daughter, Beth, up with him. Feinberg is offended when Tommy does not call his unbalanced daughter back, but offended when Tommy tries to go further with her as well. After finding out that Tommy has been fighting fires undercover in his spare time, he writes him up for a section 8.
  • Battalion Chief "Needles" Nelson (Adam Ferrara) - Became interim chief of the house when Jerry Reilly was in the hospital, and eventually took over his job permanently upon Reilly's inability to return to active duty and his subsequent suicide. Unlike Reilly, Nelson is a little more soft-spoken, and is willing to get in the face of Chief Feinberg when necessary.
  • Sully - (Lee Tergesen) - Tommy's replacement during the first three episodes of Season 2, when Tommy was relocated to a firehouse on Staten Island. Initially very popular because he was personable and an outstanding cook. Sully requested a transfer out when the crew rescued him from a burning sex club and found that he was a cross dresser and very much into BDSM.
  • Firefighter Peter Reilly - (Neal Jones) - The gay son of Jerry Reilly, a Boston firefighter, who in Season 1 testified to Jerry's character in court when Jerry beat up a former firefighter who was gay. In Season 2, when Peter came home to help with his mother's Alzheimer's, Jerry found him having sex with his partner, forcing him to confront his homophobia. Peter returned for a cameo in Season 3 to see Jerry after he had a heart attack.
  • Jimmy the Jew - A firefighter from another firehouse introduced in Season 4. His nickname is meant to be ironic since he is not Jewish, but rather very anti-Semitic and racist. He and Lou both try to lure firefighter basketball phenom Black Sean to their firehouse. Lou blackmails Jimmy into backing off when he catches him having an affair with another firefighter's wife.

Significant others, children, siblings of main characters

  • Alicia (Season 3) - (Susan Sarandon) - Alicia met Franco and the guys at a bar one night and was very attracted to him. She has lots of money, and they began seeing each other regularly. Franco began bringing his daughter Keela around, letting her stay with Alicia during the day at her large Manhattan apartment. Franco accidentally slipped and told Alicia that Keela was put up for adoption but Franco stole her back illegally from the foster family. Keela longs for a mother, and Alicia feels bad for her and gets angry at Franco, not approving of his lifestyle with many women around. Franco went to Alicia's apartment one day to find them both gone, sending him into a panic. He finds out that Alicia took Keela to Walt Disney World in Florida for ten days without his permission, angering him greatly. He awaited their return so he could get his daughter back without having to deal with the law. Franco in the Season 3 finale found out through a reunion with his daughter that Alicia has decided to send Keela away to school in France. Alicia returns in Season 4, wanting to get back together with Franco, but he is engaged. Franco, however, is willing to dump his fiance Natalie. Alicia refuses to let him.
  • Danielle (Candy) - (Milena Govich) - A hooker who has convinced Lou that she wants a new life. She is in fact a ruthless con artist who has conned a lot of money out of multiple victims, including Lou. Lou eventually discovers that Danielle was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer, which helps lift him out of his depressed mental state.
  • Jeannie Reilly - Jeannie Reilly is the wife of Jerry Reilly. She suffers from Alzheimer's.
  • Karlene - An employee at the retirement home where Chief Reilly's wife lives, and an illegal alien. She befriends the Chief by having a frank discussion with him about his wife and advises him to move on. The Chief and Karlene started dating towards the end of Season 3. During intercourse with Karlene, the Chief had an apparent heart attack, and she refused to call 9-1-1 because of her illegal immigrant status. She has not appeared since.
  • Keela - (Cailin Stollar) - Franco's daughter. She was taken in by Franco after her mother died from an overdose. Keela was put in a foster home for a short time, but Franco took her after Sean convinced him. In Season 2, while Franco recovered from an injury at the end of Season 1, Keela took some prescription painkillers that Franco had been taking and she was taken to the emergency room and Laura helped Franco care for her. In Season 3, after Laura left, Franco met Alicia. Franco told Alicia that he had taken her away from her foster family. Alicia then took Keela without Franco's consent, giving her a "real mother." She is given a great life with Alicia, including her own nanny. Franco finally sees Keela again briefly during the Season 3 finale, where she says that he did his best raising her and that's all that matters, which comforts Franco. Keela then leaves to attend a private school in Paris. She eventually returns to New York, but continues to stay with Alicia.
  • Natalie - (Sherri Saum) - A photographer who hit on Franco at a bar and they started going out soon after. Natalie would never invite him to her home because she had an older brother named Rich who was mentally ill. Their relationship hit a bump when Rich falsely accused Franco of insulting him. When Natalie saw a picture of Keela, she realizes that Keela looks a lot like her, and that Franco's interest in her may be connected to his missing his daughter. She eventually demands that Franco propose to her, which he does, but she breaks it off when she realizes that he is not entirely over Alicia. To Franco's dismay, Natalie quickly finds another boyfriend and contemplates moving to Chicago with him.
    • Rich - (Cornell Womack) - Natalie’s older brother. He's mentally ill, has violent outbursts, eats anything he sets his eyes upon. He is also an idiot savant, as he is able to memorize entire textbooks with incredible ease. To impress Natalie, Franco brought Rich to the firehouse, but he wandered off. Rich then sabotaged Franco's relationship with Natalie by claiming that the firefighters insulted him. Franco realizes that Rich is just scared of losing his sister, so he asks Rich's permission to continue dating Natalie. Flattered, Rich approves. Rich eventually shows more love towards Franco than his own sister. He also wants to be on his own because he has a girlfriend, a mentally-handicapped wheelchair bound woman named Barbara, whom he wants to marry so he can have sex with her (they marry in the Season 4 finale). Rich is left in Franco's care when Natalie visits Chicago.
  • Theresa - (Susan Misner) - Lou's girlfriend from the end of Season 3 to the middle of Season 4. Theresa is an ex-nun. Lou met her at a supermarket when she was in the middle of leaving the church. She has a huge sex drive due to never being with a man before, which eventually tires Lou out. He refuses to have sex with her anymore so they could have a real relationship, but this just leads her to sleep with Lou's cousin, Mike. Lou breaks up with her soon after due to this and her refusal to have children.
  • Mike - (Artie Lange) - Lou's cousin. He operates a fishing boat on Long Island and offered Lou a position if he quit the FDNY. However, Lou suffered from heavy seasickness and could not take the job. Mike sleeps with Lou's girlfriend Theresa, but claims he was the victim due to her large sexual appetite. Although Lou forgives his cousin, he wants revenge and gets it by sleeping with Mike's girlfriend, Latrina (although he is more attracted to her cooking). When he tells his cousin, Mike reveals that he asked Latrina out for the sole purpose of having Lou cheat with her to make him feel better, although he is furious that she cooked for Lou behind his back.
  • Nell Turbody - (Paige Turco) - Damien's former teacher who likes to be called Ms. Turbody. Ms. Turbody was sleeping with Damien, but Tommy found out and intervened, only to also fall to her seductions. It turned out that Ms. Turbody was sleeping with two other students at Damien's school. She was soon arrested for this, and it was revealed that she had chlamydia. The two students Ms. Turbody slept with became infected with the disease, but Tommy and Damien were not.
  • Roger Mills (Season 1) - (Jay Potter) - Janet's boyfriend. Tommy had problems with Roger, including a fight in Janet's kitchen. He also spied on Roger and Janet using Johnny's NYPD connections. Tommy was eventually jumped by Roger's friends. Roger was arrested but Tommy dropped the charges. After that, Janet broke up with Roger.
  • Sean Murphy, aka 'The Murphy Kid' - Colleen's boyfriend. Tommy did not like him. The Murphy Kid and Colleen were on their way to a Matchbox Twenty concert the they were involved in a motor vehicle accident. Colleen broke up with him after that.
  • Sondra - (Paula Devicq) - Billy's ex-wife who was seeing Lt Shea in Seasons 1 and 2.

Minor characters

  • Asshole - Tommy's dog in Season 1. He chews up hockey jerseys and constantly pesters Tommy. Tommy eventually grows to like the dog; in episode 1-11, Uncle Teddy reveals that he accidentally let it go and it was killed by a car. Tommy, distraught, walks into his backyard, picks up one of the dog's bones, and begins to weep over the loss of both his mother and dog.
  • Collins - Todd Carroll, - Collins is a member of the NYPD who often argues, fights, and plays hockey with Tommy. In Season 3, Tommy went into the locker room after he started crying during a hockey game. Collins saw this and was surprisingly sympathetic. It turns out that he too suffered from random bouts of crying after his partner was killed (survivor's guilt). He advises Tommy to drink heavily, since that is the only thing that stops it.
  • Jesus Christ - (Bernardo De Paula) - Jesus Christ, along with Mary Magdalene, is a part of Tommy's recurring visions in Season 2 with Jesus constantly trying to guide Tommy to do the right thing and Mary putting a more realistic and workable spin on Jesus' guidance.
  • Larry Bird (Birdy) - (Chris Bowers) - Owner of Birdy's, an Irish pub with a heavy Celtics theme. To meet his wife's healthcare bills, Chief Reilly takes a second job there during Season 3, on the assumption that he will be tending bar, but Birdy allows Jerry to work only as a barback. Further, Birdy does not pay Jerry his wages. When Tommy and Franco learn of the abuse, they confront Birdy, who promptly fires the Chief. In response, Tommy arranges for Birdy's car to be suspended by a construction crane.
  • Mickey's Girlfriend - (Kristina Klebe) - She played in three episodes with the part as Mickey's Girlfriend, she was never given a name in the time she played the part.


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