Anenome (Eureka Seven)

Anenome (Eureka Seven)

For the series, see Eureka Seven.

Anemone is a military soldier of the United Federation of Predgio Towers.

Anemone like Eureka is born by the Scub Coral, a race of assimilating, intelligent, lifeforms that landed on Earth via falling satellite. Her features are very much like Eureka like the lavender eyes. Anemone has pink hair and is drugged when battling with the Gekkostate and Nirvash TypeZERO. Her machine is also called the Nirvash but with THEEND instead. She is very emotional on how people perceives her, especially from Col. Dewey Novak. She is also very egocentric because she always gets what she wants. In season four viewers can see that Lt. Dominic Sorel loves Anemone and kissed her. The first time she slapped him. The second time when Anenome kissed Dominic, viewers can see that Anemone truly loved Dominic and doesn't want to live a life of a soldier.


Dominic Sorel

Lt Dominic Sorel or just Dominic is a husband de facto to Anemone. Anemone in the first three seasons and up to Episode 48, shows no feelings toward Dominic and almost to everyone. She adored Col. Dewey Novak until she finds out that Dewey used her. Little is known about the true depth of their relationship, but one can conclude that like Eureka and Renton, Anemone will marry Dominic and have the life she always dreamed as stated in Episode 48.


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