Andes Chocolate Mint

Andes Chocolate Mints

Andes Chocolate Mints, produced by Tootsie Roll Industries, are small rectangular candies consisting of one mint-green layer sandwiched in between two chocolate-brown layers. The candies are usually wrapped in green foil imprinted with the company's logo, which is the word "Andes" written amidst a drawing of snow-capped peaks.


Andy's Candies (note the spelling of the company was different than the spelling of the mint) was started by Andrew Kanelos, a Greek immigrant who traveled alone to the U.S. when he was 12. He began selling several types of boxed chocolates in 1921. Products were sold on the store's premises. Eventually, a factory was built, and the business expanded into a chain of retail stores which also had ice cream parlors attached. The company was renamed Andes Candies because Andy decided that men did not want to give their sweethearts boxes of candy with a man's name on the box. He changed the spelling and added the logo and slogan: "Andes, the peak of all candies". In 1950, the "Crème de Menthe" was added to the chocolate, placed in between two layers of chocolate. Andes Candies was obtained by Tootsie Roll Industries in 2000.

Other flavors

  • Cherry Jubilee
  • Mint Parfait
  • Toffee Crunch
  • Peppermint Crunch (offered seasonally)

In 2007, the Andes Limited Edition Dessert Indulgence array was introduced. It offered an assortment of three new flavors.

  • Raspberry Cream
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Key Lime


Andes Mints have been used in several other products. These include baking chips, ice cream, cookies, cake rolls and most recently, Jack in the Box milkshakes and a Caribou Coffee cooler. The baking chips were introduced in the autumn of 2003 and include the mints' original design.

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