Ancient Near Eastern Texts

Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament

Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament edited by James B. Pritchard is a key sourcebook for ancient texts that have a literary relationship with the Old Testament.


The book was published by Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, in 1950. A second edition, corrected and enlarged, appeared in 1955. What follows refers to the second edition.

There is a third edition, dated 1969, with ISBN 0-691-03503-2.

One hymn, the "Self-laudatory hymn of Inanna in her omnipotence" as tranlated by Kramer was set to music by Michael Nyman in 1992 and appears on the album, Time Will Pronounce.

Translators and Annotators


I. Myths, Epics and Legends

  • Egyptian Myths, Tales and Mortuary Texts (John A. Wilson)
  • Sumerian Myths and Epic Tales (S. N. Kramer)
  • Akkadian Myths and Epics (E. A. Speiser)
  • Hittite Myths, Epics and Legends (Albrecht Goetze)
  • Ugaritic Myths, Epics and Legends (H. L. Ginsberg)

II. Legal Texts

  • Collections of Laws from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor
  • Egyptian and Hittite Treaties
  • Hittite Instructions (Albrecht Goetze)
  • Documents from the Practice of Law

III. Historical Texts

  • Egyptian Historical Texts (John A. Wilson)
  • Babylonian and Assyrian Historical Texts (A. Leo Oppenheim)
  • Hittite Historical Texts (Albrecht Goetze)
  • Palestinian Inscriptions (W. F. Albright)

IV. Rituals, Incantations and Descriptions of Festivals

  • Egyptian Rituals and Incantations (John A. Wilson)
  • Akkadian Rituals (A. Sachs)
  • Hittite Rituals, Incantations and Description of Festival (Albrecht Goetze)

V. Hymns and Prayers

  • Egyptian Hymns and Prayers (John A. Wilson)
  • Sumerian Petition (S. N. Kramer)
  • Sumero-Akkadian Hymns and Prayers (Ferris J. Stephens)
  • Hittite Prayers (Albrecht Goetze)

VI. Didactic and Wisdom Literature

  • Fables and Didactic Tales
  • Proverbs and Precepts
  • Observations on Life and the World Order
  • Oracles and Prophecies

Vii. Lamentations

  • A Sumerian Lamentation (S. N. Kramer)

VIII. Secular Songs and Poems

  • Egyptian Secular Songs and Poems (John A. Wilson)

IX. Letters

  • An Egyptian Letter (John A. Wilson)
  • A Sumerian Letter (S. N. Kramer)
  • Akkadian Letters (W. F. Albright)
  • Aramaic Letters (H. L. Ginsberg)

X. Miscellaneous Texts

  • Egyptian Texts (John A. Wilson)
  • Sumerian Love Song (S. N. Kramer)
  • Hittite Omen (Albrecht Goetze)
  • Canaanite and Aramaic Inscriptions (Franz Rosenthal)
  • South-Arabian Inscriptions (A. Jamme)
  • Addenda: Akkadian Myths and Epics, New Texts (E. A. Speiser)
  • Contents Listed by Language
  • Index of Biblical References
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Names for Canaanite, Aramaic and South-Arabic Inscriptions

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