Anasuya Shankar

Anasuya Shankar

Anasuya Shankar (Kannada:ಅನುಸೂಯ ಶಂಕರ ) (1928 - 1963), popularly known as Triveni(Kannada:ತ್ರಿವೇಣಿ ) , was a writer of modern Kannada fiction. She advocated the woman's point of view and was among the first of such writers in Kannada, which later included others like Anupama Niranjana and M. K. Indira. Her novels have been made into movies as well. Her novel Avala Mane earned the Karnataka Sahitya academy award in the year 1960.


Triveni was born on September 1, 1928 in Mandya in the state of Karnataka, India. Her father was B. M. Krishnaswamy and mother was Thangamma. She was also called as Anasuya and Bhagirathi. She did her graduation with a gold medal in Bachelor of Arts from Maharani's Arts College in Mysore. She later married an English professor named S. N. Shankar. Meera is their daughter.

Triveni got her pen-name by accident. She always made two plaits (in Kannada plait means veni) in her hair. A friend told her she had enough hair not just for two, but three plaits. Anasuya thought that tri-veni was a nice name and started using that as her pen-name. Her death at the age of 35 on July 29, 1963 shocked the Kannada world.

Her work

Triveni published her first novel Apasvara in 1953. After that, she published 20 novels and 3 short story collections, in her short literary life, that lasted only a decade. Her novels mainly contained stories based on issues related to women. Her novels discussed the psychological issues faced by women, their emotions and frustrations. Some of her best known novels are Sharapanjara, Bekkina Kannu and Hoovu Hannu.


  • Hoovu Hannu
  • Apaswara
  • Sotu Geddavalu
  • Bekkina Kannu
  • Doorada Betta
  • Modala Hejje
  • Keelu Gombe
  • Apajaya
  • Kankana
  • Mucchida Bagilu
  • Baanu Belagitu
  • Mukti
  • Hrudaya Gita
  • Avala Mane
  • Tavareya Kola
  • Vasantagaana
  • Kashiyatre
  • Sharapanjara
  • Hannele Chiguridaga
  • Avala Magalu
  • Belli Moda

Novels as movies

Her novels have been made into movies.

Short Story collections

  • Hendatiya Hesaru
  • Yeradu Manasu
  • Samasyeya Magu



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