Anarchic Airwaves

Anarchic Airwaves

Anarchic Airwaves is a compilation of BBC sessions and live recordings. The release was not authorised by the band. There was a limited edition double disc set with the rest of the Reading 1994 set.

Track listing

All songs written by Ginger unless noted otherwise

  1. "Nothing Ever Changes But the Shoes"
  2. "Greetings from Shitsville"
  3. "Everlone"
  4. "Shame on Me"
  5. "Love You 'til I Don't"
  6. "Suckerpunch"
  7. "Drinking About Life"
  8. "I Wanna Go Where the People Go"
  9. "Sick of Drugs"
  10. "Nita Nitro"
  11. "29x the Pain"
  12. "TV Tan"
  13. "Pump it Up" (Elvis Costello)
  14. "Everlone"
  15. "Something Weird (Going on in My Head)"
  16. "Liberty Cap"

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